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For several weeks, I have posted about Breast Cancer Awareness . . . that EARLY DETECTION saves lives. 

For several years, over THIRTY, I have shared my story. Over the course of those years, many women have contacted me to let me know that they followed my advice and went for a mammogram and breast exam. And, that cancer was detected early. 

It is the best feeling in the world to receive notes that say something like this:  "Thank you. You probably helped save my life."

On October 1, the Miles for Mammograms 5K Run and 2K Walk will be held in downtown Bartlesville, Oklahoma, starting at the Price Tower. 

I will be running/walking my first 5K as a 70 year old, 30 year Breast Cancer survivor warrior. My goal is to just finish it. I'm hoping to finish it in less than 55 minutes. I have been training since April, and my best time has been 47 minutes. That was on a good day. A very good day. 

On another day, I ran 1.5 miles without stopping. That was on a good day, too. 

The following is a link to donate to my run.  Many of you have already donated. THANK YOU SO MUCH.  Because of your donations, I have already reached my goal of $2,000 !
Now, I'm hoping to add another $500 with your help. 

Donate to Miles for Mammograms


Your money goes to the Family HealthCare Clinic in Bartlesville which has provided 37 mammogram coupons to patients this year.

This represents over $30,000 in free breast cancer screening services to people in Washington, Osage, and Nowata counties.

Miles for Mammograms supports the clinic's ability to provide those coupons. 

Click on the links above to read more about the clinic and the 5K run. 

Many other services are provided. Please help us keep our doors open for people without insurance to have access to quality, affordable health care appointments and labs. 









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