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April 16, 2008

A Baby Shower

ANOTHER Message from the Emergency Swampcast System !!!

Remember when we had a virtual House Warming Party for JulieBug and Tiggerlane?

Baby1 Well, now, we're going to have a virtual Baby Shower for Miss KarmynR.  She is due on May 23. I'm not going to tell you what they are having, you'll just have to go see for yourself.  The clue is there, just scroll down and look for it.

(That's the closest I could get to a flying SwampWitchStork.)

Everyone is invited to join the fun. Go call all your neighbors and tell them we are going to 'meet up' on May 9 for a  A Fabulous Frolickin'-Rolickin' Fun Friday at Swampy's Place.

This is how is works. Think of something you want to "give" KarmynR. It can be a fabulous gift you have found on the Internet...Words of Wisdom... Poetry...  Photos... Cartoons... Jokes... Personal Stories You Want to Share...  Remember, all baby showers need cakes, appetizers, libations, baby games, videos, party favors...Anything your little heart desires to post that day to let Karmyn know we love her and want to be a part of this joyous event. I know all of you, and I know how VERY creative you are. Now, get busy with those off-the-wall ideas and start your "shopping" early.

If you want to get some ideas, clink the House Warming link above to see if you can find those gifts we posted for JulieBug and Tig.

For those of you who are new to this little corner of the Blogosphere, PamelaJamela, is Karmyn's mom. Both Pamela and Karmyn have been visiting and commenting here since my Alter-Ego emerged. This is just a small way I can express how much I've appreciated their supporting my GlobbingBlogging.

Let's see how many bloggerbuds we can have at our BABY SHOWER on Friday, May 9.

Sign up today !  (It works just like Fun Monday...except it's Friday and it's a Par-TEE !)

Here are the guests for Karmyn's Party: (so far)

Simply Jenn at Simply Not Simple
Chris B at Ms Cellania
Karisma at Karisma's Kids
Robin the Pensieve One
Sandy at Myanderings
Molly at Return of the White Robin
JulieBug at Another Chance Ranch
Alison at RDH Mom
Mike Golch at Rambling Stuff
Kila at Mom to 3 Cubs
Stephanie our Resident Nurse at Mama Drama
Kaytabug at Momma 3 Lil Men
Robinella at Not a Stepford Wife
Forgetful Min at Somewhere in Houston (that's two blog links)
Anglophile the Football Fanatic
Bethany at Ice Cream Mama
Nikkeroo at Antics of a Crazy Mom

WOO-HOO ! Guess WHO else signed up?
WILLOWTREE at a Dingo's Got My Barbie 
(who says it goes against his macho IMAGE)
Dontcha know...Real Men Eat Quiche Attend Baby Showers?  Don't worry DubYaT, Mike may be there, too.

Be there or be square !


On the road again...Hopefully, will have some time to visit later today.



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Count me in my friend!!!

This is a great idea I was wondering about an event you get on and organise it brilliant~and it's rare that I'm the first to sign up for anything!!

Damn I was pipped at the post LOl

Ooh! Swampy, what a wonderful idea! Please count me in!

(Chris is so cute :) ).

OF COURSE I'll be there...with bells on!

THANK YOU SWAMPY! I am so excited!!!

Please count me in, too, Swampy. Karmyn and her mom are two of my favorite commenters and encouragers.

Thanks for hosting this.

Thanks Swampy,
I am so there; count me in. I have the date marked on my calendar.

Yeah! Count me in! This is going to be fun!

I don't really "know" Karmyn, but I hate to miss a party...can I come too???

swampy,great Idea,not sure if I'lll be upto it.today was a really bad day I have had a total of 4 seizures through out the day and they were bad ones.

Ooh, I can't pass up a chance to "buy" cute baby stuff! You can count me in!

can't wait, either. This is going to be FUN FUN FUN.

I can spend as much money as I want -- the world is her osyter. And her belly is the whale.

Me!! Me!!! Oh, pick me!!! I'll be there!!!

I mean, what if she goes into labor early!! You gotta have a nurse!!

uhhh I swear I signed up...I remember saying FIRST, I'm never first over here...

Are you playing tricks again?

Please include moi!

Oh I love baby showers. I can't wait!

new/old site addy:


I already signed up for this.
Didn't I sign up for this?

count me in! i love babies!

You think you're funny don't you?

love the ond the road again!

Okay, it goes against my Macho image, but I'm in.

Have a great weekend Swampy. (I'm eating your dust)

For K? Please sign me up!

Count me in!

Oh definitely. Sign me up please.

Catching up on blog reading and SO glad I scrolled down enough!! I would love to participate in Karmyn's shower pretty please.

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