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April 08, 2007

Rye Grass Easter Baskets

Even though there is no Easterbasket Blogging Chicks Carnival today, I decided to go ahead and have a carnival of my own. The official carnival happened last Sunday. Maybe there's no rule about posting a Blogging Chicks Carnival on a day there isn't one. Even if there is a rule, it really doesn't matter to me, I've never been known to follow directions, ever. Besides, Blogging Chicks Carnivals are always on a Sunday and this is being posted on Saturday. What's your point? You might want visit the site. I provided a link up there for some beautiful posts about this weekend, but who clicks on links anyway?

If you came looking for my tatoo, you can skip the grass growing in the basket, and just scroll down a little. Same goes for the air show. It's below the tatoo. See what you got yourself into by visiting today?

This idea is for an Easter basket that does take a few days to 'grow,' but it is still worth the effort to do this project with your children, because even if you tried this today, there wouldn't be any grass growing in the basket by tomorrow. (Is that a great run-on sentence or what ?) Humor me here. I thought Easter was next week and was going to post this in plenty of time so that your grass would be growing. Since I like the idea so much, I'm posting this anyway.

With just a few items that you probably have around the house, and with some air, water, soil, rye grass seeds, sunlight and your child's loving care, this project can last throughout the summer, long after Easter has passed. It can be a constant reminder of what Easter means to you.

You will need:

small basket (after Easter, this can be any decorative basket for a table)

plastic saucer (type you place under plants) that fits inside the basket

potting soil                                                Easter_bilby_dl_1

rye grass seed                                                            

small spray bottle filled with water

plastic wrap

variety of decorations: eggs, wrapped candies, peeps, ducks, bunnies, ribbon, etc.

spring decorations after Easter


Mix the potting soil and the rye grass seed

Fill saucer about 3/4 full with mixture                   Easter_bunny_md_wht

Water enough to moisten soil

Cover with plastic wrap and place in sunny location

Mist the mixture every day making sure it doesn't dry out

Remove plastic wrap when seeds begins to sprout

In about 10 days grass will be full

Place the saucer in the basket and decorate with spring items or transfer left-over Easter treats to the basket

Use as a decoration on your dining table or place in your child's roomEaster_basket  (makes a great show & tell )

As the grass begins to grow, "mow" the grass with scissors.

When the roots need more room and nutrients, carefully remove the grass from the plastic saucer and plant somewhere in your yard

If cared for properly, the grass will grow all summer and can be a fun gardening project for your little ones.


Draw faces on white styrofoam cups

Fill each cup with potting soil and rye grass mixture

Use same procedure as with the plastic plant saucerPetereggs

The grass will create the hair for the face on the cup

Eventually, the characters hair will need a trim

Plant in the yard when the cup becomes root-bound

For a more 'permanent' character, decorate terra cotta pots with faces


Have a wonderful weekend. If it sounded like I'm a little stressed, I am. I have many eggs to hide.




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Hey Swampy, what a fun idea. Next year maybe.

Have a Happy Easter Swampy and kin. I am off to watch the grass grow.

Love the basket!

happy egg hiding and happy easter

Very clever - I will have to try this next year.

That's really cool. I'm going to do that for Bethy next year!

I tried this last year with some seeds Reggie gave me. It came out all funny looking...each hair follicle had five leaves with serrated edges. I got thirty five dollars for it at the church Easter basket auction.

Did you see the edible grass at Target?

Reminds me of the jilted lover who emptied a box of grass seeds over her boyfriends carpet and then saturated it while he was on a trip.

Reminds me of the jilted lover who emptied a box of grass seeds over her boyfriends carpet and then saturated it while he was on a business trip.

Great idea!
Now go hide your eggs. In the snow?

Happy Easter! Great Idea.

Happy Easter, Swampbunny!

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