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May 09, 2014


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church lady

Very interesting. I did not know that acupuncture was used to treat animals. I hope the treatments help June Bug. :0)


I'm a huge fan of acupuncture (I have used it when all else failed and it always works for me). I knew that they did it for dogs too, in fact a few of the horses around here get it occasionally.

I am sending good thoughts for a continued significant improvement, if not a full recovery. The pooches send their love too.


Oh, and btw, I dont' think we are talking about the same Bing Lee


Awesome post. My physical therapist has been going to acupuncture for about three months for a back problem... and he's feeling a LOT better. He enthusiastically recommends it, too.

And June Bug looks like such a sweet old dog.


I've thought about trying it....
but I don't think I could handle the electro part.

When I had physical therapy I screamed "SHUT IT OFF" when the PT applied electricity.

Karmyn R

Poor Junebug - if not for the Therapist and electrode looking thing - I'd think she got stuck by a porcupine.


Yay! Good to know the acupuncture is helping June Bug. And you. My grandmother used to be a regular of Bing Lee's. I believe he recommended that she change her deodorant and stop eating dairy for some problems she was having (can't for the life of me remember what). She did and her problems went away. Pretty amazing. Have never gotten the courage to attempt acupuncture myself though...


I am so glad that June Bug is feeling better! She does have a lovely smile.


I do believe in acupuncture. So happy to hear it is helping you n June Bug! I am going to mention to my youngest daugther about the hair dye n headaches. she gets alot of them.


What a specialty for that acupuncturist to get into, but she and the dog look very happy about it all.

Running with the Pack

Great post Swampy, I've had acupuncture and it was amazing how it worked. I tore a muscle in my right calf playing volleyball, knew and felt it immediately and knew that I had a problem. Fortunately there was a chiropractor who practiced accupuncture at our party. I was back playing tennis in six weeks.

Steve  Skinner

Very interesting! I get migraines so maybe I'll have to give it a try.


Awesome post. I believe acupuncture works also at least it did for me. I've seen adds for animal acupuncture now I think I have it done for my dog if/when he needs it.


Love to see Bug so much more relaxed and happy...sorry I didn't see this when it first went up---things are crazy busy---I'm starting to feel like I'm living like YOU!!!!


What an amazing post. And what a beautiful dog June Bug is (love the name too).


I never thought of this... Revan (our BIG dog) has horrible skin issues. We just can't seem to keep up with it. I'm wondering if accupuncture would help, as they seem to be caused by various allergies???

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