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January 22, 2014


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Wonderful tribute and trip down memory lane! You are very lucky, and so is SHE! Happy Birthday Brooke!!!

Lisa Winters Henslee

Happy Birthday Brooke!!! I loved all the pics and stories.

Sara Smith

Happy Birthday Brooke! LOVE this post. The photos are priceless!

Peggy Blassingame

AWESOME, AWESOME pics!!! Many of these took me WAAAAAYYYY back! :-) HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY, BROOKE!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!


I see many fond memories and much love! Happy B.day Brooke..may you celebrate many more to come!


I think I may still have that suit. Happy Birthday Brooke!!!


Wonderful post, Swampy!!! Loved the pictures and the stories. Sounds like your daughter and I had plenty in common. My mom's got a whole library of x-rays showing money in my belly. And I'm pretty sure she threw away the commemorative can of Comet she found me eating with a spoon one day. To this day, I cannot eat mustard because she used to mix it up in water and make me drink it to throw up whatever inappropriate stuff I'd ingested - VERY effective.

Happy birthday, Brooke!


Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!! Thank you Mom! I love all the pics!!

Kristin Wilson

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!!! Your mom is precious and so are you! So glad you were born. What a blessing you are to so many!

PS. Kathy, what an awesome tribute! What an incredible momma!


I just loved the whole thing. :) Made me smile.

Miss P looks a lot like her mom, doesn't she?

Happy Birthday. 30 is pretty young to old people like me.

Trish aka Foxymoron

Hope she had a wonderful birthday. What lovely photos of your beautiful girl (and isn't her own little boy just like her?)


hahahaha! love it! soooo remember that adorable smirk! and those famous antics? sounding waaaaay too familiar these days.....my roo is a whirlwind!! thanks for posting, and sharing!


Happy Birthday!! xoxox (and yes I do remember where I was 30 years ago, I was on Ettalong Beach with my new wife)


Happy 30th Birthday, Brooke!!!! Will your Mother post twice as many pictures when you're 60? She spent over a whole day scanning and posting....scanning and posting until I called it a day.---your Colorado Dad

Brad Cleveland

I loved that! It was so nice to see pictures from the past. So wonderful to see Berth and Enon, not to mention my beatuful cousins. You did a good job!


I remember my 30th. Tell her to keep notes because it's gonna get slick like the bottom of that pan... I don't know where the years have gone.


Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! This is a beautiful tribute to treasure and keep for always. She was an ADORABLE little girl and now such a pretty woman. You're a blessed Mama. ;)

Karmyn R

She is obviously loved!!!!


I just can't even believe that child has grown up, managed not to maim herself and has 2 mini-versions of herself. What a precious thing, seeing my LA and Brookens grow up.

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