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April 22, 2013


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we hardly see any quail around our street anymore. Too many cats I think


My dogs were very attentive when I played the quail calls. Kida kept tilting her head back and forth and her ears were totally at attention!

You are so lucky to have such a beautiful bird running around! Loved the pictures of the babies. I hope they stay at the curb and don't run out into the street.


The covey, Mom, and Dad (whose not pictured) were heading toward a busy, busy intersection and highway.
Pippa and I stopped the truck and I ran ahead of where the quail were going to turn them around. They headed back into the residential section, into the brush. Hopefully, they all survived last summer's drought and this winter's cold.


Live cam can you share?
Looks like you have found your new calling :)
We have California quail and finally their population has increased in our suburban area, love to hear and watch them. Amazing how adaptable they are...


Lisa: It's just one of those little Philips cameras and doesn't have the capability to share, BUT I'm checking on what kind of camera I need in order to share. Any suggestions ?


I don't have any personal know how information on how to live stream but do watch many on
Mare Stare http://latigo.marestare.com/forum/index.php
and the sites listed below from time to time...
I believe the people who have these cams would be very helpful with information on getting started, which web cams work best how to set it up etc...

My personal fav. deer and critter cam in Minnesota,

Bird watching cam on Whibey Island, Wash.

Hummingbird nest in Calif.

Another hummingbird nest in calif.


Thank you, dear ! Lots of research and time you spent doing this. :)


My pleasure, enjoy watching your the progress with your quail family.. :)

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