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March 01, 2013


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I'm not of that faith either, but I did find the post interesting.


Thank you for sharing your journey with us! I'm not Catholic, but still greatly enjoyed the post!


That is just FABULOUS! I would have been snapping pics like a maniac, and I'm not even catholic.


History made not boring!
You oughta write a textbook.


What a thrill that must have been. I am not Catholic either, but would have loved to have been there with my trusty camera, just like U!


Oh how neat. I am Catholic so that would be very spiritual for me though I am not a devoutly religious person.

the Provident Woman

When we lived in Italy we took my dad to see the last Pope. He waved every Sunday morning out of his window. That morning happened to be the last time he waved to the square.


The dome is beautiful! I cannot believe you ended up being so close to the Pope!!! Quite an experience! I was so scared when I saw a Bishop, so cannot imagine the Pope! (The Bishop walked right up to me and said, YOU SCARED?!?---I just nodded....He leaned closer and whispered, "It's ok...I'm scared too!")


Beautiful, Swampy, just beautiful.


so glad you didn't get shot! !
Sometimes I'm so busy trying to get a photo of something like that -- that I actually miss the moment.

"Bless you" (:

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