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March 09, 2013


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many similar "remembers"
no scorpions, snakes, or black widow spiders where we lived east of Seattle area.
But there were nettles that stung when we were playing in the woods.

You forgot to mention our parents telling us how we had so much compared to when they were kids. Well, my mom for sure, had nothing.


I did so many of these things too! We used to chase and be chased by blue racer snakes. Now you never see these snakes anywhere. We would catch horny toads and pet their tummies to make them sleep. Now you hardly ever see a horny toad. We always said "worsh" for wash. I still have to make myself say it correctly because my kids noticed it. My dad moved to Antler's area after I got married around 1976. He lived in Snow, Ok.


I think this may be one of my favorite posts ever!


I could live without the snakes, spiders and scorpions. (shudder)

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