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January 22, 2013


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Running with the Pack

Hi Kathy, first of all, I would have a big glass of something alcoholic, then I would hire a kitchen designer.

I would insist on a Magnetic Induction Cooktop with the exhaust fan mounted level with stove, I love mine. I've cooked on electric, propane, gas and now my induction cooktop. I hope to never have to cook on anything other that what I have. No flame but perfect control of heat, no residual heat, GJ summers can be very hot, smooth top, no visible buttons, I absolutely love my Magnetic Induction Cooktop. I would also insist on double ovens, trash compactor, extra deep sinks and electric outlets on every wall, lights mounted under all cabinets and a very quiet dishwasher. Remember, I went through some of this a few years ago, I love my kitchen. Good luck Swampy, make this as fun a project as you can, but stay on top of the whole job. Wish I had been onsite when my house was put together. Try not to travel during the installation phase, oh yes, extra powerful, quiet garbage disposal and of course overhead lighting and fans that operate independently of each other, and make sure the banks of lights can be operated row by row. Phew, I'm hoping to be in GJ in May, and looking forward to seeing your new kitchen.


WOW!! That is insane!! I can't wait to see the new kitchen!! I think this is a sign that you need to stay home for a while!

Karmyn R

am so jealous. That was #1 on my list of things to do when we bought our new house - and now it is on the back burner behind other "important" projects, like New roof.


RwtP:Unfortunately, the stove didn't flood. I am tempted to hook up a hose and fill it with water. Same with dishwasher. Wish I could talk Hans into those, but at this point I'll be lucky if he doesn't go to the dump to find the old cabinets and re-install them.
SS: I agree. Have loved the last month and a half of travels, but ready to be home.
KR: You crack me up.


Oh my goodness! Are you sure the insurance gal didn't say ELEVEN on a scale of 1-10?!!


Nice interesting post for all readers.


Wow it that is a 1 wonder what 10 would look like?

They make cool lil' appliance garages, my folks had one that was just below the microwave which was just below the higher cabinets, it all flowed with the cabinets had a roll up door, it sure made everything look clean and clutter free....
My preference for a sink is one with no divider so it's all one big sink and only one drain.

Ditto on the new appliances, quiet disposal and dishwasher.
Good luck with your stay at home adventure!!!

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