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November 17, 2012


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Makes me hungry.

For food AND family time.

and even for silly nilly dogs.

What fun!


What great pictures. You hooked me with the turkey in the hot tub...too funny. I'm glad Junior's doing better!!


Well, now...you don't see a Butterball in a hot tub everyday...or a boxer taste tester (lol). I guess a vat of HOT grease will kill any germs that might creep off said taster. Where's Hans' fruit-fly zapper?

Never had a fried turkey, but one day I've gotta try one of those...especially after it's been properly "immunized".

Oh, what a great story these pictures tell, with a little help from you, Swampy :).



Lovely family and quite the all paws on the deck production. Are you still eating the leftovers?


That's hilarious!!!! I like the Broncos shirt!


LOL, you crack me up.

Looks like a great family get-together.

Did the pooch get some turkey?

her indoors

wow great way to show us your thanksgiving feast, just what is that that you cooked the turkey in and how long did it take? yeah hope the dogs got some turkey dinner too

Susan in va

We've been deep frying our turkey for the past 5 years - YUM! Nothin' beats it!


Thanks for the BD wish! Are you the one that won Pam's pampered chef prize for largest order?

I love your pictures of the turkey event. Funny. Looks yummy.


What a beautiful family you have!

I've never tried deep fried turkey, but it sounds interesting.


I am glad you did your part to protect your turkey, and you family, against the bird flu.

You are a very responsible Thankgivian.


PAMELA: Yup, they are "silly nilly" 'ole dogs...always into something.

CLAUDIA: Junior is so much better. He has another chemo this coming Friday. Thanks for thinking of him. And, nothing like turkey in the hot tub !

ROBIN: Oh, the handy, dandy fruit fly zapper is always close at hand...and yes, that peanut oil was hot enough to kill about anything...even dog slobber.

BRIAN: We would be eating left overs if we were home...they are in the freezer waiting for us.

SUNRUNNER: He is a die hard Bronco fan, with a tatoo to boot.

MOMTO3CUBS: Of course, the dogs their fair share of turkey...and dressing...and gravy...and even a piece of pecan pie that was accidentally dropped on the floor.

HERINDOORS: The turkey was 14 pounds and fried 34 minutes in peanut oil. The oil was hot when we put it in. Yummy !

SUSAN: I had never had fried turkey until a few years ago...would have never believed it would cook so evenly and taste so good.

JANET: Happy Birthday again. And yes, I was the lucky winner at Pam's Pampered Chef party. Yippee! Happy Dance !

HEATHER: You should try it sometime. I was amazed at how good it was. Of course, the dressing was in the baked turkey.

MARNIE: You know me...follow the rules and keep everyone safe...even the turkey !


Looks like an excellent time was had by all.

Step 12 with the rectal thermometer reminds me of the time I was at the doctor's. When he went to write me a prescription, he pulled a rectal thermometer out of his pocket, looked at it and said "Damn, some asshole's got my pen"


Awesome shots!! A good time was had by ALL!!


Hey that is my first Turkey-cooking instruction ever. I learned a lot.
Youa re very funny and aren´t you all just a nice looking bunch.
maybe I should help Mom this year preparing Christmas dinner...it looks like a lot of work :)


DubYaT: When I added the caption about taking the turkey's temperature, I had a sneaky feeling that if you commented, it would be about the rectal thermometer...giggle giggle...

PAM: We did have a wonderful time...and as usual, I was teary-eyed when everyone left.

MONIKA:It was a lot of work but worth every minute of it. If you plan to use these instructions on cooking a turkey, it is important to know exactly how long to thaw the turkey in the hot tub, or you will have boiled turkey instead of fried turkey...


Memories! ! !

Fried turkey - yummmm

You would think we would all be tired of turkey! ! ! :)


I love the turkey in the hot tub..that is the best.


Ha! Next year I want an invitation. I'll even bring dog treats.


I loved the turkey in the hot tub! What an eye catcher! I will have to try that one day.
The food looks delish, the faces happy. You know they were all sitting there thinking, "Well crap, this one is going on the glob!" HA!

Hugs to Junior! Still looking for an Elmo, that little guy is hard to find. Hi to Hansman! Have a safe trip.


SHAUNA: Tired of turkey? Are you kidding ?Never! :)

SKYDANCER: I'm sure Martha would not approve but it did work and we didn't die of food poisioning.

JENNY: You're in... the invitation is being offered now. The dogs loves chewy treats.

JULIE: Yup, I had a difficult time getting people to pose for pics...they knew where some would end up. About Elmo, the hunt is over. I'll be posting something about that soon, so you can stop looking. Thank you for being so diligent in the search. Hansman says, "Hey back as he's programming something into the GPS." For my Blogging Chicks recipe... Just tell everyone to go buy a fruitcake because I don't think I'll be home in time to post my favorite recipe.


Love the immunization! I've always wanted to try deep-fried turkey.


That was great. Did you really defrost the bird in the hot tub?!


What a wonderful pictorial! LOVED IT!

Karmyn R

Looks like a turkey kind of day.


love those pics. what a beautiful family and nice table settings too!


Looks like a wonderful meal and a great time with the family:)


Enjoyed this so much in '06, thanks for sharing again, sure wish we had a hot tub :)
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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