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November 14, 2012


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Steve Skinner

In six months I will be having my third "procedure". The best part is the following day I get to eat foods that are typically on the do not touch list.


I've had one and I guess I'm due for another soon. The colon blow I used was called "GoLytely". Go lightly my a@@. Where do they get the names for this stuff???

Still, it wasn't terrible (the GoLytely was. No amount of orange powder is going to make it go down any easier)... After I got my IV, they wheeled me into the room. The attendant asked me if I was feeling sleepy yet and I said "no". That was the last thing I remember.

Do you suppose HansMan ate that burger and fries and just left the bag on your table?


Oh soo miss the good 'ol 'fleets phospha soda' cocktail :(
Had my 2nd in Sept. (only a yr n 1/2 late) now have to go every 5 yrs instead of 10 since they found precancerous stuff, well worth it no matter the prep and one day/night of being uncomfy....!!!

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