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November 28, 2012


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This is one of your 'Award Winning Posts'...gorgeous, well thought out, and truly touching and inspiring.

I was especially moved by the photos of the woman in blue---wow. I have long held dreams of being able to travel and take photos like that of the people I meet...if I ever am able to do any of that, it will be mostly because of what I've learned from you.

And I was so, so, so touched that you shared your bag of food---and others, led by YOUR example, shared from their hearts too. I think the good will there goes SOO far beyond the food that was shared.

And I am amazed, again, at your luck---always surrounded by gorgeous men!!! I would be pretty nervous in any large city---let alone a foreign country---I would sure LOVE to have a protector by my side, especially if he looked like that! I hope he is given the opportunity to follow his dreams and find success and happiness.

Finally, I truly hope these people are safe, and that the violence will soon end, and that they will be left with the freedom and peace they sacrificed for.

Thank you so much for this post.


Oh wow, what an interesting and deep post. I loved it!!



I so appreciate your perspective and your generous sharing of places and things I will probably never go to or see.

What a beautiful smile that woman had.

And a sweet heart that you have.


I have tears in my eyes reading this. A lady told me a few weeks ago how she hated her trip to Egypt as all she noticed was those hovels and rubbish. No matter where you go in the world there are people. Real people. Great post Swampy! Blessings to you! mwah xoxoxo


Very touching post Swampy. The simple acts of kindness such as giving away your goodie bag is so moving. Us Americans are so spoiled and take so much for granted. This is a reality check to take a look around and start counting our many "Blessings". Prayers are with these people that they can develope a government with a leader that will look out for the common people. They have been in unrest for so so long! Thanks for sharing.


Thank you Swampy, for a new perspective. Not that I had any perspective.
My concern is that Egypt will become a closed nation like Iran.

I want to say that there are people who receive and there are people who take
What a gracious gracious woman was she who received your gift. And it was a bold act on your part to step out of the tourist comfort zone! (Thank you for THAT, too!)


I forgot to close my Italics. So better do that



Your post made me think of Jesus and his heart for the people of Egypt. Thank you for seeing Ali and the lady-in-blue through his eyes and being his hands.

When I pray for Egypt, I will pray with them in mind.

How your heart must ache for them...not knowing where or how they are right now. The danger these people face is more real to you than anyone can imagine because these people are real to you.

I always knew you were special - what with being a Boxer lover and all - but this just seals the deal!

Running with the Pack

Kathy, I love your eyes on the world. You are blessed and beautiful and humble in your heart and I'm so proud to call you my friend. More than once you have made me look at the world through different eyes, thank you for your perspective and vision. You are a special person.


Now I will wonder about that woman and her children and your guide - how they are faring in all this upheaval. Of course, there is no way to know, so prayers will go out to the universe on their behalf and I will just have to trust that the higher power is watching over them. I never really thought about Egypt much. It was a place of pharaohs and pyramids - but that is ancient history. This is the history now.


Thank you so much for sharing :)


Oh, the wonderful human face you put on the crisis in Egypt for us. I wish you could have smuggled that Ali with you and that wonderful woman and her children. I wish all this world turmoil could end but we know it won't. I have a pastor friend who visited and preached in Cairo last year. He is putting a face on the people too. I really think if the world could just look at people (especially the children) face to face and get that human connection, there wouldn't have to be fighting. It's always good to do what's right and I think whatever you do to help someone you're making a difference in this world. Thank you for what you did. See what your good example did for the other's watching.


Fantastic blog post. YOu nearly had me in tears. Ali is so handsome. I'll smuggle him in ;)

What a difference our worlds hold. And some of us never eat fresh fruit but have an abundance of it.


Somehow, that lady's smile touched me. Quite deeply. A few tears sprang loose. Strange reaction, eh?


Made me smile again.

Karmyn R

I missed this the first time around - moving and inspiring!! Makes me feel guilty for throwing away an older apple.

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