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June 24, 2012


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Mark Henry

Excellent article...Wish we all had as good a perspective on life as you do! Happy 60th! You've definitely earned it!

Gary Dellinger

Kathy...I do admire your take on life and the fight you have endured to live it. I am so glad that you are celebrating sixty years of living...and I hope you enjoy many many more. Happy Birthday my friend!

P.S. Your stories and photos about your daily adventures are very entertaining. You have great skills in writing and photography. Thanks for sharing.

Steve Skinner

Congrats on your milestone BD.

Joetta Capps

Kathy you are an awesome lady keep your beautiful sense of humor and reminding us to get those self exams done and go get a mammogram, one survivor to another, love ya. You inspire me and many others.


are Swampy..... this should published in one of those books we like to hold.
(I have a book and I forgot to put the marker in it... and now I can't remember what I read to find the spot I left off)


Even though I'm 10 years behind you, I can relate to every single one of your thoughts. Except the braless part. Can't go there yet. Someone might get hurt.

P.S. Just had my mammogram! Thanks for keeping that idea out there!

Hal Murray

One tough broad...


Happy 60th Birthday, Swampy!


Wow, you really put birthdays and growing older into perspective! We GET TO live and that is amazing! Thank you for reminding me of that simple yet valuable lesson. Your experience is incredible and your resilience is inspiring Kathy.

I hope you have the HAPPIEST birthday EVER beautiful girl! <3

Jenna McIntosh

Hooray and happy birthday!

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