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February 27, 2012


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Karmyn R

Nestle has been in trouble for problems since the 80's. I remember boycotting them before.

Gives me more reason to just cut chocolate all together.


Great information, Swampy! I was shocked at how many brands that I have always trusted are not trustworthy.

Peter Langelaar

That's why i left Healthy chocolate Xocai they get their chocolate from Barry Callebaut and Dynamic chocolate Produces their chocolate in Cannada http://www.dynamicchocolates.com/private_label.html
They are not transparant about child slavery but they tell you they get their chocolate from ethical farms but they can not have a fairtrade label.
I found out an quitted direct and joined a litte company that import the beans from equador by it self and also produce their chocolate by them self.

check out www.thepowerofchocolate.eu and www.thepowerofchocolate.org and learn.

company site www.choconature.com
change from the bad to the healthy and fairtrade chocolate !

Peter Langelaar
The Netherlands

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