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July 12, 2011


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LOL!!!!! Well now I know why I feel like I'm being asphyxiated in Texas. And here, now that our humidity has sky rocketed into the 70-80%.


We had some really high RH on top of pretty fair heat a few days ago, but I'm not sure what the actual numbers were. We've cooled down after several hot days. It will only be ~75/50% today, which is very nice.

Now, all of this heat index disregards wind chill. I'm just sayin.

Used to do RH/AH/Dewpoint problems with my classes. Most did not find it very easy.


I "know" about all that humidity/relative humidity, heat and dewpoint stuff (though I haven't memorized the charts)... It's been drilled into our heads since they came up with it a few years ago.

Once I had an old, somewhat leaky Volvo. It had rained the previous day, then was hot the next. I'd parked the car at work and after a full day in the sun, I got into it and literally could not breathe. It was like trying to breathe in soup. Of course, there are days that feel ike that just walking around in the open here.


Wow what a lesson in humidity!!! I just pay attention to the DEW point...when it gets into the 60's I know its going to be a sticky, muggy day! One good thing about this neck of the woods...we get breaks from the Dew point...it goes up n down like a yo yo!! Florida on the other hand...once the Dew point sets in..its stays that way 24/7 for months!!!


I hear you! I left my hometown where it was a lovely 110 degrees with like 0 percent humidity and went to Corpus Christi where it was 95 degrees with 75 percent humidity. Just to save you time, that's a heat index of approx. 128 degrees. I glowed, ladies, I glowed. There was glow running down my face so badly that I actually bought a golf visor and turned into the ultimate tourist!


That is really interesting, thanks teacher! I did not know WHY, but I've never forgotten what it felt like to move to South Carolina, in August, from Montana.


...when I can practice treading water in the back yard and there is no swimming pool

(I was introduced to humidity when we visited Delaware, Washington DC etc back in 96. It was so uncomfortable.)

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