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July 08, 2011


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That has to be the grocery list of all grocery lists.


Haha! Only 272 spoons of butter? Are you sure its not sticks? I have to admit that is one good cook book to read and the pictures are awesome too!

That cut looks scary! I hope he heals quickly! Hugs xoxoxox


This is really funny, Kathy! If you should repeat with any other cookbook, I'll diagnose the OCD. Glad Hans is doing well...real men read cookbooks! (& romance novels)


Mother you have too much time on your hands! Now make me some cinnamon rolls!


I love her cookbook...but the recipes are way toooo rich for me! Hope Hans has a quick recovery from his surgergy! At least he has some good books to read.


AC: Our grocery stores have a service that if you send them your list, they will put it together for you. I think I'll fax this one to them today !
KARISMA: I know. I was surprised that there wasn't more BUTTER than that.
GEE: Since Ree's cookbook has been published, according to Hans, there are NO OTHER cookbooks ! "Real Men Read Cookbooks and Romance Novels." Great title !
SWAMPSPAWN: I wondered who would make that observation. I've been 'spring cleaning inside and out' for weeks. SO, I decided to take a break and read Ree's cookbook from cover to cover. It seemed like a fun idea to tally all the ingredients as I read. I'm making another batch of cinnamon rolls this weekend and will FED EX you a pan-ful.
JANIS: The recipes are rich, so I've set down the law to HansMan that I'll prepare a few each week.


I had to giggle!! "What's a black pump?" - priceless for a girl like me!


Ok, you have officially been assigned to come help me move! Stock up the freezer for Hans (he looks like he's doing fine) and come to KC! We don't want Gee to have to diagnose your OCD -- they might tie you up or something.

Hal Murray

God, I love you people...

Karmyn R

LOL! I love your dedication. I hope Hans enjoyed the book. I've yet to read it.


When my man got his knee replaced, his favorite way to pass the time was to watch GameShow Network. He got hooked on Chain Reaction, Family Feud, Baggage and that thing with Howie Mandel and all the briefcases. After he'd recovered and was doing his usual stuff, he looked at GSN and wondered what the heck he was thinking. Must have been the drugs.

At least HansMan is putting his down time to good use!


I finally got the Black Heels book from the library about 2 weeks ago---I'd requested a hold on it back in February! It's already on to the next person...I did not need the 14 day checkout time, I devoured it in a matter of days!

And this is list making taken to a REAL extreme, even for you!!!


You never stop, do you? ;) Love ya!

Little Miss Moi

SWAMPY! I can't believe you compiled that shopping list. What a feat!


OMG I can't believe you made a list! I think Ree should definitely link to your post.

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