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June 12, 2011


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Benjamin is just super cute!!! I love all of these pics!!! Just popping by to say hello and see that you are still blogging away!! Hope all's well in your corner of the world!!


My parents tried to grow strawberries once. Never got a single one. The reason being that my brother Andy would stop by the patch on his way out to school and eat all the ripe ones. Every day. It puzzled Mom and Dad no end until Mom caught him one day!

I accidently erased my Mr.Linky list (argh... I guess I shouldn't edit over my assignment post and try to save time, huh?). Would you come over and re-enter your link? Thanks!

Running with the Pack

Years ago when we lived in San Jose, we had a strawberry jar with a lot of berries. However, we noticed that the ripe ones always disappeared before we could get them. One morning I saw our Golden Retriever Lacy, daintly picking the ripe berries and having her way with them. Benjamin is adorable.


Oh those little strawberry pickin'/eatin' hands! Is there anything sweeter than little hands? Looks like a lovely time was had by all. Guess it would take a lots of red gelatin stuff to make a strawberry pie out of 12 berries!

Enjoy your Julie visit and give us a full de-brief.


What a cute little helper you have...at least he is picking the strawberries and not his nose...as most kids do! LOL


Gorgeous post! Love it! I had to relocate my strawberries due to sneaky dogs stealing them. They also have a liking for cherry tomatoes. So I always plant one plant outside the garden just for them! Benjamin is soooooo cute!


this is the best kind of recipe. simple, healthy, homemade. i like it!


our grand kids were out trampling our small patch last night. Ours do the spreading, too. But a lot of the old ones die -- so they aren't nearly as pretty as your patch.

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