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April 29, 2011


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I did not watch the wedding. Until looking at your blog, did not see pictures, either.

All I can think of is that if I were wearing that shit on my head, I wouldn't be smiling either.

Holy cow.

Mike Golch

what part of stupid did these ladies not get??


We watched but at a more suitable hour because we recorded it. It was quite the hat, particularly Beatrice's.


LOL, we were watching it live too as it was on every channel down here. We however, opted for the channel hosted by comedians so it was quite entertaining. The antlers got quite a bit of flack. One really has to wonder, WHO chooses their clothes though. Ick!


And the makeup! Especially Eugenie's... looks like she's going to a rock concert or out for a night of bar-hopping. With antlers on her head.


LOL...I totaly agree with you and I think 99% of the viewing audience would also!!!
That one hat looks like a giant pretzel!!! This is going to follow them for a long time..they should have had someone advise them of what to wear!!! Or maybe Fergie did!


Also, I'm wondering how it sticks to her forehead. Corkscrew?

The part that just kills me is that a LOT of money was spent on that clothing. Those hats.

Woulda been better spent on a home for indignant cats. Or hey, the indigent homeless!



I think that one hat is retaliation for their mom not being invited (you know... Fergie, the one who tried to get lot$a money for setting up a meeting with her ex-prince)

or else, it reminds me of how some of the resorts in Mexico make toilet paper art and display it around the commode.

as far as the rest of the git up.... yikes.

Trish aka Foxymoron

One wag in one of our Sunday papers here reckons their mother dressed them LOL

Trish aka Foxymoron

And YAY I can comment here again. For ages it kept telling me my email address wasn't a valid one.

church lady

I only watched bits and pieces of the royal wedding and I'll admit, it was a bit fascinating! I did not see those two. What a hoot they are!!

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