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March 27, 2011


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I've heard most of these warnings but never had a chance to use them. They wouldn't work so well on four-legged children which is my only area of inexpertese.

Your dad, however, was a very wise man. The lesson he shared with you on driver license day is one that would be hard to forget. And I'm glad you have this lovely mememto of him, Swampy.

Joetta Capps

I has an Uncle that was very wise, and part of what he told me and his oldest daughter maybe I will just let you fill in the blanks, but I remember it today just as when he said it and told my girls the same thing when they became teens and were allowed to date.
"A hard (private part on a man) has no remorse, it just will find any one any where regardless of the consequences. So say no." Now this is so true in most cases, look at the amount of teen pregnancies we deal with each year, many of the babies are left uncared for by either parent and grandparents end up raising a second family. I miss my uncle as he was a father figure for me growing up, when my own father was not there to spend that wonderful quality time you had with your Dad, Kathy. You are a lucky girl and smart too.


The power and wisdom of your dad's lesson brought tears to my eyes. I wish every teenager could hear that and see it. Maybe he wasn't much of a hair stylist---but that is powerful wisdom and must have been an awful lot of love too.
That song makes me laugh---a 6 month old puppy makes you sound a lot like that too!!!


i love it!
you might appreciate this...my dad sent me an email last week telling me that he put money in my account, and wanted me to go get my oil changed ASAP because "oil is the life of a car"
he also forwarded the email to my mom so that she would text me to make sure i got it. i got my oil changed the following day :)


Now that was a powerful lesson. You Dad was very wise! Like comment #2..my Mom also taught my sister n I the same thing. I also passed along the info to my own two girls. Thank God they listened!

Georgia Girls

Usually the best teaching moments are spontaneous--given out of love. Very wise father you had.

Out of all those cliches and there wasn't "always wear clean underwear in case you are in an accident and have to go the hospital".


Great advice, Dad!!! I'll have to remember that when my own boy gets his license.

I couldn't think of any one thing - but the litany you printed out is the background of so many childhoods - including mine! I say all that stuff to my boy too. The only one I think you left out was "don't sit too close to the TV."

Trish aka Foxymoron

Tears in my eyes too, you are so fortunate to have had a great father.
My Dad taught me how to cut bread straight, hold your arm against your body as you cut and it will be straight, and he taught me how to shake hands properly.
My mother taught me how NOT to be a mother. :(

church lady

Great post Swampy! Gotta love Anita Renfro! Yep. I heard all those things growing up and guess what?? I have repeated most of them to my kiddos.

That is a great story about driving with your dad. Really makes you think.


I love the story about your driver's license and your Dad. They just don't make them like that anymore!

I can add a couple. I said "I'm going with Ricky" like hes my new boyfriend. My Dad would say "Where are you going?" Are you kidding me? I wasn't going anywhere! I was 10 years old. =)

Another one "because I said so thats why!" I always hated that one. Oh, and 1 more "don't cross your eyes they might stick that way!" =)

Fun memories and boy have I heard the majority of the ones you mentioned. The "money doesn't grow on trees" I remember using often myself.

My son was majorly into the "name brand" sparkly side of life..me I was more into the bohemian or groovy side of life. Needless to say, we clashed often. Kinda like me & Dad..he was so military and once again..it was me, the wannabe hippie. I love them both so much though...even though we don't always agree.

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