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January 25, 2011


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1. Men who are perfectly capable of commanding other men are incapable of mastering a remote.
2. Men who are capable of remembering the batting average of a baseball player from 4 decades ago are incapable of remembering how to work a remote.
3. That IS his happy face.


1. HansMan need to have a fool proof remote, one that has a redo button.
2. HansMan now has a remote where the sun don't shine!
3. HansMan is now enrolled in remote user school.


1. Even men who work in television can't figure out how to program a vcr or dvr or satellite receiver. (Ooops - that's MY man)
2. After they've totally messed it up, it becomes OUR fault that it's not working.
3. We must be magical people because obviously WE know how to fix it - even long distance with little or no information.


I must admit, I do not know very well how to work satellite remotes either! I screwed up my friend's soon to be ex-husband's TV, when trying to help her copy videos! She took the fall. But then when she was SURE I sabbatoged HER TV, while hooking up her VCR, I had been there, so I realized exactly what she needed to do. She did not believe me, but when she finally tried it, it worked!!! She was thrilled, EXCEPT to realize she needed THREE separate remotes to work her VCR!!!

Steve  Skinner

For this type of problem, I always contact someone like our teenage paper boy, he knows his electronics!


1) To learn how to use a remote one must take time to read a "man"u-all. And you all know they're not going to do that!
2) There must always be someone to blame.
3) Men have a magic touch but not with remotes. They are not even "remotely" capable of mastering the remote.


only one.

Keep your Hans off the remote.


OMG...I am his version! ROFL

church lady

Sounds just like me. I honestly don't touch our tv, cause I don't know how to turn it on. It's sad. I need a refresher course every time.


For us, it's trying to remember what combination to use when we want to watch a DVD. Cuppa tends to remember, but for me it's like a cat going out the door -- a brand new world every single time.


LOL. When my husband found out last night that I had given our teenaged daughter permission to have a get together with friends Saturday night in his new man cave, he protested loudly, "But they'll screw up my remote, and it will never be the same!" My concern was locking up the liquor. His biggest worry was the remote.


Good answers! LOL Sorry, I'm no help. When I'm babysitting and want to switch from a movie to TV, I have no idea which box to fiddle with or which of the 5 remotes I point and click with. If the 5 yr-old can't talk me through it, I either suffer through some kid show or call the parents. When my s.i.l. says did you do this and this -- I say, ya. He says--Oh...I don't know, then.


The moral of the story is don't watch tv. ;) This was such a FUNNY story...had me laughing. I hope you've been enjoying your travels. I'm off to catch up on some of your posts now.





*insert never-ending maniacal laughter*

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