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January 24, 2011


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Beautiful, Swampy. I used to lie awake in my bed as a child listening to the raindrops falling on the fiberglass carport roof next to my room. I still love that sound.


One of the reasons we got our metal roof was for the noise when it rains. I sleep so well when it rains!!!

All of those are wonderful sounds. Are there any you DON'T like?


I think you covered all sounds...those are sweet music to the ear!


SANDY: That sound is still so soothing for me. If it ever rains here in the High Desert, I go out to our bunkhouse just to listen.
SAYRE: The ones I don't like are the ones that are marked out.
JANIS: I had fun listing all of those. There are more, but decided there had to be a stopping point somewhere.


So many good sounds.


I didn't play -- but had it written something, it would have been this.


Great(?) minds, Swampy. Hard to beat the sounds of silence except if it's the sounds of those people and things that we love. For sure I thought we might get a re-run of the famous boxer snoring youtube video. Who was the star of that one? Remember being impressed.


Lovely answer. Yes, yes, ditto, ditto. You never cease to amaze me.


Lovely answer or should I say answers. Chorus of frogs,chirping crickets, the sound of thunder or many sounds of nature are indeed wonderful.

church lady

You covered all the good sounds. I love to lay in bed and listen to the rain, only when I don't have to get up!

Trish aka Foxymoron

Beautiful list of sounds. I could almost hear them all. :)

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