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August 11, 2010


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I didn't cry at school but that did get me!!


Aww, I hope she had a great first day! One day that will be my baby... And I will cry, probably a lot....


A poignant day. Seems like my kids were just starting, and now the grands will soon be heading off.


That dress is FANTASTIC!!!!

I bet I can imagine what Mommy was thinking---I hope she was brave. I had to hug and let go and walk away at school once too, and just looking at that I felt it again, and CRIED!!!!

So glad Little Miss P had a friend's hand to hold!

My first day of Kindergarten I had a big-bird Umbrella, but they forgot to tell me the school bus would turn off the main highway---I only knew the highway through the Canyon, next to the River...when they turned off, I thought I was never going to get home, and cried myself to sleep on the bus. Thankfully one of the older kids tipped the driver off that I was there---I was the last stop, as they did not want me crossing the highway. I got off sobbing that I thought I'd never get home. It was not the happy first day of school moment you'd hope for.


What a beautiful little girl and a lovely family.

Hope it was a great start and that she has a good time there!


Wonderful! Such an exciting day..

My boy starts MIDDLE SCHOOL in two weeks. I have no idea how we got here. I'm afraid Miss P's mommy is going to be rowing my boat one day. It all goes by much faster than you think!


She is adorable and that last picture so sweet...they grow up way too fast. Hope she is loving school and making lots of new friends. :)


What a great post, Swampy, and terrific pictures! She definitely looked ready!


I had a little tear too. That first day at school is the beginning of the letting go. A tiny one, but the beginning all the same.


So exciting for little Miss P. she is adorable and her teacher is pretty..that helps alot when you have a pretty teacher! Our school starts the end of this month and I will be just as excited as the kids. Gabby starts 1st grade and Holly starts preschool..Carley n Case are in middle school! Where have the years gone!!!

Church Lady

Awwwwe. She looks so adorable in her dress and ribbon in her hair! This is one exiciting day for Little Miss P! I have to admit that when my girls went off to kindergarten, I didn't cry at all. I celebrated!


LOL! I need a kleenex too! How fast did this little angel grow up! She sure looks happy to be going to school. Hope she had a wonderful time.

My book turned up yesterday. Thank you so much. TBF currently has her nose glued to it reading all Ree's funny comments. I think I will have to check her bags before she moves out next week! Thank you.

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox


I am all choked up, what a special day. Glad you were there to be a part of it and I am sure Lil Miss P feels the same way. You are such an awesome Gammy.



Oh, what a day! I remember my daughter's first day of Kindergarten. We had such a crowd at the bus stop. It seems like yesterday. She started her senior year last week, and I had to fight back the tears. Where does the time go?


watched her grow up. darn it.

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