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May 30, 2010


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Mike Golch

Great photos.I'm glad that I came to visit today.


Wonderful story!!!!!

If I ever, ever get that camera I didn't win from PW, but that started a crazy string of dreams and now ideas, events and opportunities popping up that I would give anything to be able to try to follow and see where they might lead----well, if I EVER get that chance, you are going to have to share your gift for finding and meeting these unique and interesting people!!!

And yeah, I've always said, you and Hans REALLY do need to work on that "shy and introverted thing"---I worry about that! Would you please leave the house and see new people now and then?!?!?! Ha ha ha!!!!!

P.S. heard it is monstrously windy for JUCCO this year, so far....hope that is working out ok!!!


It sounds like you're doing a whole lot more this week than I am.
Heck.. this lifetime.

Great story.


How neat...thanks for sharing his story, such an inspiration. Baseball is the only sport I enjoy watching and playing (sometimes)!


What an inspiring story! A true Lemonade Man - even if it took him a while to get there.


What a great brush with fame. I never knew Dave D.'s story. Glad I do now.


I remember that name.
You sure are bolder than I. I would have sneaked a photo. (:

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