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April 15, 2010


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We shall await your return - but not holding breath - we'd all pass out before you got back (I think my limit is about :30).

Church Lady

Sounds like a plan. God speed in your travels. Looking forward to more "Swampy" stories upon your return.

And I will be patiently waiting to "win" that cookbook!!!


It's possible Ree and her blog changed no one's life more than mine! I don't recall how I found her blog the first time, but I remember searching Blogger for "calf nuts" to find it again, LOL.

Reading her daily entries became something I took time for every day, even if it was nearly midnight before I got to it. There I found you, and our many blogging friends. I started my own blog, and you all quickly became a much-needed family and support system for me. Through my new online family, I learned and grew as a person enough to eventually make radical life changes.

It's because of Ree's words, and the blogging friends I met through her, that I finally became strong enough to end a long-term abusive marriage, move across the country from Wisconsin to Florida, and start a completely new and different chapter in my life. I am seriously thankful for Ree, and everyone I've met through her, each and every day. Not to mention that it's been a blast watching her success from back when she had 13 comments per day.

During one of my first days in Florida, I visited the store where my Florida blogging friend--now my housemate and much more--works. I wandered over to the book section, looked down, and there was Ree's book looking back at me. To see her book there at my friend's store in Florida was a moment I won't forget. It was because of her that I was there. I felt like I had come full circle.

That's why an autographed copy of Ree's "Pioneer Woman Cooks" would be most special to me. :) Especially coming from you, one of the dearest members of my online family. You really aren't retired. You're still teaching more than you know.

Am I mushy today or what? ;)


Hey Girls...thanks for stopping by. I, too, remember with smiles the first time I saw Ree's blog...was in Seattle and my SIL showed it to me...have never seen a blog before, but I was hooked on Ree's belches, burps, Ethel Merman impersonations, the precious children, the calf nuts, and oh-la-la...those cowboys in their Wranglers. (**drool** I dated a cowboy once.)
Anywhoo, once I'm back in the globbing (remember I"m lysdexic) world, this will be my first priority to continue the contest because I has so many things to post concerning my favorite blogger.
SAYRE...who knew our paths would cross. I still cherish that lunch together.
CHURCHLADY: I always end up with coffee splatters on my desk and screen from your prolific comments. Thanks.
KILA: What can I say ? I have that "chalk" design you sent me years ago in my dressing room and I see it everyday...and everyday, I send you my hugst. You are a strong woman and I admire you for that. We started together "with" Ree and there are still a few of us left...Even 'ole DubYaT who came out of the woodwork and posted yesterday.


Seems we've all moved on to posting to each other on facebook, and there were fun months on plurk... but the blog posts are still my favorite. :)

WT didn't think I could be brief enough for plurk or facebook posts, LOL ;)


Whatever you're off to do, bon chance.


My Dearest Swampy,
You know I would be terribly upset if I did not win!!! ----but I hereby do request that the honorable judge bestow an alternate award for me.....here is why....
Obviously the Pioneer Woman Cookbook means an awful lot some of the people---and I am guessing that a lot of the recipes in it are meat----so I could not eat them anyway. So those people would enjoy it a lot more than I would, so they should have it. I am sorry I have not seen more of Ree's stories than I have---I am not sure if one I read a while ago was her or not---I remember the story, but am not sure if it was her. But before you started your "glob", I had NO IDEA what a blog WAS!!! I got your email that you were starting this "new thing", and I was just thrilled to be able to keep up with you somehow, and see pics of Bubba and Junior so often!!! It was a very long time before I got curious about this wild character named WT and figured out that I could click on his name and follow the link to see who he was!!!---and then I was determined to comment there until I FINALLY got a response from him!!! Now, honestly, I only follow FOUR blogs---at one time I topped out at five, but when I moved to the new computer I dropped one.

Here is what I request for MY GRAND PRIZE---
First choice----a personal visit from you!!! I would love to see you, and I've always wished you (and Hans) would come and teach me some of what you know so well---how you are such an amazing hostess, how you can entertain with such grace and yet make everyone feel totally comfortable and totally welcome and completely at home. And from Hans how to just totally have FUN and not worry a bit about looking or feeling foolish or if things will work or not or even if you might get hurt----how to just have the joy and fun and wonder of a child. I HAVE tried to learn some of this, and I think you might even be able to see that I've come a long ways from when you first met me, but you could still teach me a lot---and I miss you guys so much and would love to see you, and would so love to show you Montana.

Of course, that is a bit of a GRAND prize, so here is a more reasonable alternative---a really good photo of Bubba and Junior...I got a frame in January that is just MADE FOR THEM...I was totally thinking of YOU when I got it, and it looks JUST LIKE their good collars did...it is made by Montana Silversmiths...I have NOTHING that is right for it, but it's PERFECT for a Bubba/Junior portrait. I can't imagine anything else in it...in fact, once I realized that I almost just boxed it up and sent it to you!!!! I think the photo size is 4x6 but would need to double check.

I hope you have a wonderful trip! Will sure miss you!


I've just wasted the better part of the day reading some of Ree's story...still so much to read and see over there...and I sent a note to try to "properly introduce myself". I can see why everyone thinks so highly of her--a wonderful site and great stories from what I've seen so far. I'm glad you saw her, so that we've been able to share so much from YOU!!!
Still, since I do not know how to cook AT ALL, and do not eat meat, I still offer to share the cookbooks with others but humbly request a visit or a photo, should I be deemed worthy of a prize!


Perhaps wasted was a poor choice of words---I should have said "spent"----it was a wonderful way to pass the day, and I enjoyed it THOROUGHLY!!!!! It's just that I've not accomplished ANYTHING I was SUPPOSED to do today!!!! I've not even finished the PAPER!!! I have been reading about Ree and Marlboro Man ALL DAY!!!!!


Now see that Shenango, that comment was enough for a blog post there! I agree with Swampy, Its about time you started blogging yourself.

Have fun on your trip Swampy! mwah oxoxoxox


SHENANGO: Let me know the size of the frame and if it is "horizontal" or "vertical" or both. I know exactly which pic I'll send. The trip to your place will be planned. You mark my word.
KARISMA: mwah backatcha !


Shenango deserves a prize for being brave enough to invite Hans to visit her.

But not the cookbook. That's mine.


Frame is 4x6 and could be displayed either horizontal or vertical.

I'll hold you to that visit! I can hardly wait!!!

Kila---I lived next door to Kathy and Hans so I have some idea what I'm getting into...at least I know now to beware the daiquiris as the night goes on---the peach/liquor ratio is not a constant!!!


I loved meeting you and HansMan for lunch that day... If you pass my way again, be sure to holler!!!


Shenango--You live next door to Kathy and Hans? Oh, there is a lot of material there. You definitely need to start your own blog, LOL. ;)


Not sure if you'll check back, but I've moved, but yes, I DID live next door for a while! Yes, there were some great stories, but I've been sworn to secrecy on some!!! But I can verify that everything you see here is completely authentic!!! Including the pilots that come through, the REAL, LIVE, longhorns that are brought in for "atmosphere" at the bar-b-que (that was a shock!)...and Kathy and Hans are every bit as wonderful in person as you imagine, even more so...so were Bubba and Junior (and Bug, she was adorable as a puppy). And I'm really not kidding about the Peach Daiquiris!!!

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