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January 13, 2010


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Gorgeous photo, Swampy. That one should go on a wall somewhere!


Arms of love wrapped around us are always very calming. Such sweetness in that little blankie...

The Blue Ridge Gal

Church Lady

Such and endearing photo! Big sis has a calming effect on lb ("little bro")


That first pic is so cute!!!! The ones in the middle made me sea sick. The last one is simply gorgeous!!!!!


I'm with sayre on the last photo...it should be in a frame in view of all to see. Simply adorable.


That last photo - I can even smell the sweetness

Jeanne ~ bermudabluez

Adorable! The last one definitely belongs in a frame!!

Cindy Z

Congrats!! They are too cute together! I am so glad all is well! Now that's the way to start a new year :)


So beautiful.


Okay Im getting jealous now. This is second gorgeous baby I am seeing tonight. Not to mention the two gorgeous babies that have visited me in the past couple of days! Im getting clucky! OH please give him a cuddle from me too!

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox


Very lucky to have a big sister :)


I love having my own personal photographer following me around because we get awesome pics like these!! I am so lucky to have had you here the past few weeks!! Thank you SO much for everything!! Hans is so amazing to let you stay as long as you have I know it's not fun being away from each other so long. I love you and there's nothing like having my mommy home to help take care of me!!


Such beautiful little ones!

Happy New Year!


Hi Swampy, Happy New Year
Your grandchild is beautiful.

the planet of janet

cute as a bug.

even if it's a jitter bug.

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