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January 02, 2010


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saw that palidrome mentioned somewhere else.

The NyQuil reminds me of a teetotaler teacher I had in high school. We all laughed when we found out about her NyQuil habit. giggle.

As for Y2K ... I NEVER BELIEVED IT FOR A MINUTE. NOT A NANO SECOND. But, I believe in Big Foot.


PAMELAJAMELA: What are you doing up at 1:09 a.m. ?


By the vast array of meds, I'd say that you are suffering from what we're just getting over. I'm not sure about the "getting over" part though since I've had an infected and plugged ear for a month now. After two rounds of antibiotics, it's still here.


No resolutions in this household, but those photos remind me of the contents of one of our carry-on suitcases whenever we travel. The 'drug' bag for old folks... heh heh.

Happy New Year and get well soon!!

The Blue Ridge Gal


I am in the midst of my quarterly (change of seasons) sore throat and stuffy nose. I've been using my precious store of Ludens honey and lemon drops - they don't make them anymore :( - and I'm about to neti my head. It won't help with the throat (except for the post-nasal drip part), but my nose will feel so much better! Until the throat clears up though, I sound like James Earl Jones.

I hope you're feeling better soon. These dragging-on minor illnesses really suck the life out of you.


Sounds like your having a miserable start to the New Year...seems alot of my blogger n FB friends are having the old sinus problems. I look for mine to start soon...now that we are in the south..my allergies should kick in around Feb 1. Oak n pine are my enemies this time of year. Not to fear though...I have my Flonase...saline nose spray and Claritan ready to go! Oh and my Neti pot too! As far as making resolutions...I'm on the same page as you. I take it as it comes. I am determined to maintain a healthy lifestyle though. It's a matter of quality of life! Hope you feel better soon Swampy :)


You are missing two important meds/remedies...you need Black Elderberry Extract and Echinacea. And cold care tea. If you are coughing get some Slippery Elm Tea too. But I SWEAR by the Elderberry/Echinacea to help kick bugs like this---but you do have to start them the SECOND you feel it coming on.

My parents have been fighting this bug---my mother is making sounds when she coughs that almost make ME sick.

Hope you feel better soon!!!!! And yeah---one of my friends, who was a doctor, used to ponder in depth why ANYONE would take Nyquil----he said, don't people know that a shot of Jack Daniels will do the same thing, but it tastes a lot better?!?!!

Karmyn R

sorry to hear you are sick. Especially with the new year rolling in - it would be nice to start out all healthy and happy.

I have some of the Young Living oils - their starter set. I also have one that I use on my toes when the athlete's foot comes in. It works.

Happy New Year. May you heal quickly!

the planet of janet

wow. that's an impressive set of memories you have there!

hope you are feeling better ...

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