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October 11, 2009


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I remember an apt. I lived in in Arizona back in the early 80's. It had a swamp cooler... worked fine until July and August rolled around with heavy humidity. Always smelled totally nasty too.



Well, gee thanks Swampy--now you've caused me to get swine flu from licking the back of my hand. Did you miss the day in teacher training when the directions began with "first do no harm"? Don't worry about it though, I now understand evaporation. If I lay newspapers in the basement floor to sop up water when it rains and runs in the basement do I need a thingey like yours? I mostly smell mold, but not fish tank. BTW, can you install smoke alarm batteries? It's about daylight savings time and Willie and I need to change ours. We don't know how and end up getting beeped all year. It hurts Willie's ears and gets on my nerves. I made the mistake of showing Willie the Bub-a-lantern and now he wants one too--of him. All and all Swampy, you've been just a lot of help this week. . .


WOW!!! thats what I call a Fun Monday Swampy... thanks a lot, BTW your new keyboard is on the way... Where to I don't know.

church lady

Here in PA, we have no "swamp coolers". In fact, I had never even heard of a cooler until I read this post. My hubby is in the HVAC business, so I showed him your product and we clicked on your links. It certainly is a GREAT product and gadget for people with "Swamp coolers" - one that they probably could NOT do without!

p.s. I went to the BHG site and downloaded a pumpkin stencil of a lab. I carved my pumpkin yesterday. I will try to post a pic some time this week!!


I remember swamp coolers. My grandma had one when I was a kid.

Hey.. that zinc think kinda looks like that pasty Janet Jackson had on her boob when Justin Timberlake pulled her blouse open during the superbowl a few years ago.
Just bigger.


ps. now that you're advertising on your blog, will it be a tax deductible expense? ha ha.


We lived in Denver Colorado and that is when we learned about swamp coolers..we were shocked that the new homes had no air conditioning. The realtor said..."you dont need central air here in Denver...it cools down fast at night" yeah right... but the days were hot as hell! Well after one summer without air conditioning...we made sure we had it in by the next summer. I guess coming from Florida we were so used to central air that getting a swamp cooler was out of the question. You have a great product for those that do have a swamp cooler...breathing in that mold is such a hazard to your health.


If I had a swamp cooler, I'd definitely want one of those zinc sunflowers!!! I have spent plenty of time in the swamp and the smell is like nothing else!


LOL great advertising and I KNOW that smell you're talking about. We have one here too but never touch it for that very reason. What a great gadget though. Our next house is having ducted air-con though, I'm putting my foot down! LOL

thanks for playing :)


I remember reading your previous post, I can't imagine what it's like, so you'll have to invite me over to see it working first hand LOL.


mm swamp smell, yuck!

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist

If I didn't live in stinkin' hot, stinkin' humid Houston, I'd totally leave a comment askin' for one of those swamp things.

Or, as my Bethany now says, "Some dose."

Alas, but I do!

Rain check if I ever move to your li'l piece o'paradise?

Lisa's Chaos

Well that's really cool! We don't have one, but I did as a kid and that sunflower is cool!

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