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September 16, 2009


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mike golch

Swampy,The Blue Angels are a Joy to watch just as The Air Force Thunderbirds are a joy as well.

Beth Staats

Absolutely awesome !! Love the cameras too!


They do put on a great show, don't they... first time I saw them was in the 1960's and what an impression they made on me. Great shots!



I LOVE the Blue Angels!! I've seen them perform many times, at the huge annual air show in our area (EAA AirVenture).

Church Lady

How cool is that! You got some fantastic photos! I especially love the first one of the photographers pointing their cameras straight up. I have NEVER seen the Blue Angels and I'll bet there is nothing like being there in person!

p.s. love your sweater!


Great pictures, Swampy! I always loved seeing them at the Oklahoma Air Show in OKC. Speaking of lenses... how big is YOURS?


All very cool shots but I just love the first one the best!


Love the blue angels, what a thrill to watch them. Your really got some great shots. Look at you in your patrioctic sweater..you go girl.


Swampy...great shots! I was so excited when I got to see the Blue Angels 2 years ago in Bozeman! But it's that last shot I'm most jealous of...I SOOO wanted to meet them!!!


did I mention this gave me a sore neck? hee hee


These are great!! I have to admit I think my favorite is the first one. Perhaps that's because I understand lens envy.

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