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September 08, 2009


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I see nothing wrong with our President motivating young people in our schools. Other presidents have done this as well and no one had a problem with that. Laura Bush also worked closely with children in our schools and no one had a problem with that. This speech appears to be nothing more than a motivational tool for our young people and many of them need motivation.

Snappy Di


This is a PERFECT speech for kids! My son NEEDS to hear this, and I'm willing to bet that every other kid in school needs to hear it too. In fact, PARENTS need to hear this. It's so inspirational on so many levels.

Children younger than 8 might not be able to sit still or understand what Obama is saying, but it is simple enough for anyone over that age.

It makes me sad to think that so many parents will deny their children the opportunity to expand their world because they are so afraid of what a political figure might say to them.

If someone wants to come to my son's school and encourage him in his academic career, I don't care if they are a priest, a prisoner, a cop, or a street sweeper. The message is one I try to impress on my son daily and I welcome all the reinforcement of that message that I can get - no matter who it is that is saying it.


The speech is clearly a Marxist Trojan Horse. It's not in the text, because this is just the beginning softening us up for the future indoctrination.



I don't understand what the controversary is about. After reading this, I really don't understand why people are upset with this. I don't see anything wrong with the President talking to our nations children and young people because I do think children are our future. I think kids do need to be motivated and to be reminded of the truth and to be done so by our nations leader can't be wrong.


SIL: Glad you 'signed' your name...it is scary that so many choose to believe just that !

DI, SAYRE, LORI: If you read what SIL has facetiously written up there, that might clear it up just a little. At least I think I know him well enough to believe it was written facetiously...


I really wondered what was in the speech after all the whooplah that surrounded it. I think it is a great speech that our kids (and a LOT of their parents) really need to hear. I think it is a shame that there are schools, and districts pulling the plug on it.


I dared to say the same thing on FaceBook and one of my brothers has already started in on the "cult-like brainwashing" mantra.

I have a theory, at least about people who are/have been in the military. When they sign up, they are "brainwashed" to believe that whoever the current administration is is right. In a way, they need to believe this because as their commander-in-chief, the President has the authority to order them to do things they probably wouldn't otherwise do (like kill people or drop bombs on them). The oldest brother went in under Reagan, and the mantra-spouter went in under George Herbert. They both hated Clinton with a passion because he was so different from the other two, and adored George W because his policies were more in line with what they've been led to believe is the "right" way of thinking.

I could never say this to their faces, as they would never see it, and I don't bite when they try dangling political bait in front of me. The things I do to keep peace in the family....

Hi, back!


This is my take....what I just read and understood it to say, was a message of encouragment, hard work and responsibility. Now isn't this what all parents are suppose to preach to their children??? Our Youth are the future leaders of our Country, we don't want illiterates. I am a registered independent and cannot stand all this crap going on between the democrats and republicans, what the H---has happened to our country anyway!!!

Church Lady

This speech has caused somewhat of a controversy because of his socialist views.


I am sad that we as a nation no longer respect the office of president. Although I don't agree with a lot that he is doing he is still president. I have been in the school and heard many people who travel come in and tell our children the same thing and no one would think a thing of it. It should be good that the president is saying it, no matter who the president is. People (including my husband) are so afraid of everyone that doesn't agree with them that they villianize them. I think that tv and internet news fuels these feelings. People mocking the president is so prevalent and has been for many years that we have a hard time thinking anyone but people with our like views can want what is best for the country.

This is a good speech and just what kids need to hear.


I went on a road trip. Missed all the hoopla.

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