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September 26, 2009


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Simply Jenn

I want to see you on my REAL doorstep! How have you been? We haven't been in contact in ages!


You're a whirlwind!


I don't have to go ANYWHERE to have conversations like that...

You are a very busy lady!! thanks for stopping by!


wish I'd been writing our down. We have hearing problems in our house. It's just beyond the pale.

Oh by the way, our sushi bar is closed.
We put a net on the pond.


hilarious. I'd like to hear the story behind the sushi bar ...


Enjoy your travels..


Your a busy lady...travel..travel..how do you keep it all straight? Funny converstions with Hansman. Mind would be muffled because my Hubs always waits until he is in the kitchen around the corner from the L.room where I am. That is when he either ask a question or makes a statement and with the TV on, I can hear only garble. Have a safe trip to your next destination.


I think you should get your own reality TV series called "Life with Hansman"....it would be absolutely hysterical and totally addicting!!! I don't know how you travel as much as you do! I could never keep up! Hope it is somewhere fun!


LOL! Im loving he needle in the sock! That is priceless! Yes we miss you! Mwah xxxx


Hehehehehehhe. Thanks for my morning giggle.

Karmyn R

Too funny!!! I wish I could remember all the Miss-communications I've had with Dave.


Safe travels!

When you land, join us on facebook ;)

the planet of janet

you guys could totally join our family at birthday dinners ... he's hilarious.


I miss you! Come visit! And yes What Kila said, come join us on facebook at least we will know what you are up to!

Melanie Evans

Love those conversations.....especially the Hertz one......

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