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January 09, 2009


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Haha DH says Utah should have received the National title. I know nothing, don't watch the games. I'm sure watching the game will be a blast at your place!


KILA: Utah who?


didn't I hear somewhere on the news that there was an investigation -- I heard it in passing but I was sure it involved these teams and the "undefeated" teams being overlooked.

deep sigh, where is my nail file?


Beautiful pictures on the 5th. But FYI, the picture of the polar bear "stranded" on the ice was taken 25 years ago. Polar bears have been swimming from ice chunk to ice chunk just fine. Monday's news reported that the world's sea ice is now at the same level that it was in 1979, when scientists thought we were entering a new ice age.


I admitted at lunch yesterday that I wasn't sure who I would be rooting for.

My friend S gaped at me. She went to Florida, but spent quite a bit of time in Oklahoma. She's rooting for Florida.

I, on the other hand, have spent so much of my life in Seminole land that rooting for the Gators seems anathma. Plus, I too spent time in Oklahoma and even though I hated Barry Switzer, I rooted for OU.

I'm not watching the game (too late for us) but I have a feeling that if OU wins, I'll feel a little thrill in my soul when I pick up the newspaper tomorrow.


PAMELA: I know. I don't understand how all this works in deciding who's #1. Although I'll be rooting for OU, I just have a gut feeling we may get our backsides handed to us tonight. Seems as though the Sooners forget what to do with the football in a bowl game.

PAT: I don't know who you are or where you came from, but THANK YOU for that piece of information. That footage just makes me sob everytime I see it. I'm so glad to know that those Polar Bears are still out there floating around. My hubby doesn't buy into this whole "global warming" scare. I'm thinking that it's my hot flashes causing all the so-called problems.

SAYRE: Do you want me to call you tonight after the game and let you know the outcome?


I'm a new Sooner fan and am looking forward to Florida getting their gators kicked.

Midlife Slices

BOOMER SOONER!!! Guess who I'll be rooting for? LOL

Nice blog.


Please don't... I imagine for me that will be somewhere around 1am. I'll be DVR-ing it for my husband and it would ruin the surprise for him (because who knows what I'd blurt out in my sleep)!


I'm rooting for the Baltimore Ravens, oh wait thats the NFL. See how much I know about football! Sure would love to be there for the menue, my mouth was watering just reading what you were fixing. Have fun watching, I will be watching my fave show "The Office"

Karmyn R

Although we will be rooting for the same team as you - my husband says Utah.

Smart Mouth Broad

At the SMB house we root for what ever team is playing the Gators! It's the Seminole way! LOL! Go Sooners!......or maybe it's just those pencil shavings we've been smokin. *wink*


Well Im not much into sports but move over Im coming for dinner!


The food sounds yummy! We are watching the game here tonight since we both love football and so far neither team has scored. Not rooting for either team, I just love watching good football!


Swampy...I've been TRYING to watch and pull for your Sooners...but it's PAINFUL...every time I pay attention something bad happens...I've seen 3 scoring attempts thwarted, and two interceptions!!! You need to have a serious talk with them!!!!! I'm trying really hard, but they need to work with me here!!!!!


Utah? How about USC? or Texas? But of course we don't need a playoff.


SiL: Well. Well. Well. I wondered who would come forward and challenge that question on my UPDATE. And look who it was...none other that my SiL.
The only reason I mentioned "Utah" was because of the comments on the orginal post. I have NO IDEA what their record was or who they played.
See ! I'm clueless !
Your favorite MiL.

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