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December 05, 2008


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I have to set the DVR so I don't miss it.

Aoj & The Lurchers

Ummm...I pronounce it as it's written really

Phonetically... poynsettya


I pronounce them U-G-L-Y. Has to be my least favorite flower ever.


"Poin-set-uh" is the way I was taught up here in the Great Lakes State!


I pronounce it the lazy way... Poin-sett-uh, Not proper but who cares.. It's a pretty plant no matter how you say it.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Smart Mouth Broad

Me too. Pin-sett-uh. Love em. Really sad about the cards for the soldiers! Who does that crap! UGH.


poin(like coin) set uh
sometimes I say point set uh I guess it depends on which one strikes me at the moment!

oh oh! Nessa that is a great idea, I will set my DVR too!!!

Beth Staats

Point setta - probably wrong, but don't blame me - I live in VA.


DVR is set!

Poin-set-uh - how do you say it?

Thanks for the snopes info. Do you know if Bill ever got his blanket?

Be safe up there on your broom!


I was all set to watch for you tomorrow...thankfully I reread it and realized that tomorrow is NOT the 13th!!! Remind me NEXT Friday, OK??? Glad you got the email...hope you weren't TOO mad at me for calling you (who knows where!!!) to alert you yesterday!
Happy Travels!
(by the way...best piece of travel equipment I've bought in recent years was a 15 foot surge protector, so I can plug my computer in just about ANYWHERE!)


Dear Swampy,

Please be advised that the correct pronunciation of poinsettia is...

poin (like coin) set EE (like the e in eat) a (like the vowel sound in pup)

It has four complete syllables.

Sheesh! : )


personally...i like to refer to them as red pointed setters, it's...uhh...Canadian kindergartenese...


I just say point set a.....and it is awful about the soldier thing...Who in the hell does crap like that?

I like your pointsettias! They are beautiful!


Let's see--based on where these two examples are stationed in the snow or by the fire, I'd say "red shriveled mystery plant" would be about right because everyone knows that p-oin set e(long)uhs are real prima donnas when it comes to their temperature preference. Like Baby Bear's soup, not too hot, not too cold.

BTW, if you insist on wearing full Swampwitch regalia next Saturday, there's going to be some pretty hacked spectators behind you. . .just a suggestion.


Poin-set-uh. That's how I've always said it. And I live in the South.

Now... about pecan...

I'm going to miss your appearance - I don't get that channel/network!


Pretty point-set-tia's Thats the way some people at the florist pronounced it. Nothing say's Holiday cheer then a pointsettia in front of the roaring fire, how cozy. Be looking for you next sat. have a safe trip.


I can't wait to see you on the Today Show. I would so do that if I got to make a trip to New York. I had a friend from Switzerland wave to me on the Today Show outside. It was so neat. Thanks.


The country gal in me says "poin-setta". When I do voice work for radio I'm required to say "poin-set-ia"...per the florist's instructions. Me thinks she didn't grow up around these parts.


I never watch the Today show, but I will be glued to it on the 13th!!
I think I pronounce it "POYNESETTEA" ; it's very important to make it as many syllables as possible!!





American diplomat Joel R. Poinsett never heard his namesake plant pronounced "poin-set-tee-a. For a century it had always been POIN-SET-UH. Recently the politically correct crowd began to insist that it be pronounced EXACTLY as spelled. Dumb.

They did the same with the verbal "ake-ern" now said as a-CORN, just because of its spelling and not its derivation. And ERR (correctly said as UR) is now more "airy" because it looks like ERRor.

Maybe these fanatics can restore the silent G, now missing from the ghetto-ized LENTH and STRENTH! Oh, your dictionary has the new pronunciations? Duh. They *reflect* all the misguided trends, rather than prescribe the "BEST" way to say a word.

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