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November 17, 2008


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What a wonderful tribute to your Mom. Knowledge is power and you can never have enough of it. I really enjoy reading your blog, I would like to add you to my blog list, if this is ok with you.


JANIS: Of course, it's ok to add me to your blog list. I would be honored. Also, I love how you spell your name. My mom's sister spells it that way.

mike golch

Great tribute to your Mom. I hope that this weekend has been good for you and your family.

the planet of janet

this is a lovely tribute. and what a special ring that is!


How fortunate you are to be reared by a mother who understood the power of an education--and you've obviously passed that on to your children. Throughout my own struggles to get a college education I always tried to remember that, once earned, a college degree and all that it represents was mine for always.

BTW, your mother's eyes are just beautiful and she and her BFF were such elegant women. What is your heritage because I believe you also inherited those lucky eyes?


I enjoyed this entry. Your mother was certainly a good role model and set a high standard that you and your daughters have reached. You asked me in a comment on my blog how I found your blog, and I honestly can't remember. I know it was a recommendation from a fellow J-Lander-turned-blogger, but I can't remember who it was.


What a beautiful post about your mother and her friend Jimmie. What a beautiful thing to be able to say that your mother was your mentor. I can surely see how this ring would mean so much to you. How beautiful that you have passed this love and knowledge to your own daughters. What a legacy your mother started and you are passing on to your daughters.
"Knowledge is power" is a statement I have used with my own children and we use it often at the school I work at. I am constantly saying this to my young mom's when they contemplate quitting school or question going to college or not.

Having people that believe in you is a priceless gift. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story...it was a nice way for me to end my weekend!


Strong women are raised by strong women. What a wonder memento to be passed from Mother to daughter.


I wish you would have shared some of your determination with me.

I didn't finish college and that has been one of my biggest regrets.

Two lovely lovely lovely ladies... those two.
You sure look like your mom, too.


I agree with Pamela, you look just like your mom!

Your Mom and her friend are gorgeous women, you can see their determination and their love of life in their eyes.

This is a great tribute to all the strong and beautiful women in your life, including you!!


Wonderful tribute. Your mother would have liked my Great Grandfather, who also put great value on getting an education against all odds. I'll tell you his story some time. I'm glad that she instilled a love for learning and teaching in you, and that inspite of your challenges (divorce, cancer) your daughters have both excelled and followed in your footsteps. I'm very sorry to say that I did not finish college, and now, with my brain damage, even if I had the opportunity, I don't think I have the ability anymore. Sometimes I dream of being able to atleast be able to audit some classes some day, but that's just a dream...


Love this post! Like your Mom, my Mom is a firm believer of education...and give so much value on it.

And yes, strong women are raised by strong women! ;)

Happy Fun Monday


Ahhh! I am a member of Kappa Delta Pi as well! But I only have a sweatshirt! Great post!

Lisa's Chaos

Great story behind the ring. :) I now know where you get your beauty and brains. :) Your mom and her friend are both lovely.


lovely sentiment


Great post and wonderful tribute. How wonderful to have her ring.

m (the misanthrope)

Swampy...what a beautiful post and tribute to your Mom. What a cool lady, or should I say ladies (you AND your mom). And I'm glad you got to chat with your Mom too! *note to self: call MY mom* Thanks again for participating this week!!


What an awesome legacy.


A lovely post and a fabulous ring.


Wonderful post about your Mom...My Mom would have liked her

Karmyn R

What a remarkable woman....now I see where you got it!


Congratulations on all the book learnin' going on over at your place. Wonderful! And I LOVE that photo.


Great tribute to great people in your world thanks for sharing...

Church Lady

What a touching post. You must be very proud about your daughter's accomplishments. I can see how this ring is definitely a "good luck charm".


I've learned all about college rings this Fun Monday. :)
Such a great tribute to your mother.


Cool post!


That was so interesting to learn about college rings. A lovely tribute to your mother.


What a lovely tribute to your mother - and how wonderful that you have something so special of hers! It sounds like your whole family of women are something else!

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