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October 25, 2008


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Jeanne / bermudabluez

Yikes! Now, this is a little SCARY! Hope you have a good weekend, Swampy!! Love your new look!!


HA HA! My first thought was Oh Whats that! Then Ewwww Thats Ugly! Im assuming the smell is worse than the bite?


That looks truly discusting! My curiosity is about to drive me nuts though...where did you get that?


a dentists nightmare


What the hell is that??? I'm assuming some sort of fish??? In which case I certainly wouldn't want to be the one to take the hook out!!!


Dang it, Swampy. I thought we had agreed for you NOT to show anyone that pic of me before my coffee in the morning..... agh.


A face only it's mother could love *lol*...
I'm guessing a reptile of some sort...

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