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July 16, 2008


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I'll remember that in case I ever find myself living in a swamp(y)infested house!hehehe


I also meant to say have a good trip x


wish I was headed over to Seattle -- I grew up in that swamp cooler!~!


So modest of you not to allow advertising but to subsist on donations.


CHRISB: Don't think the Sunflower Zinc Anode will guard against swamp(y) infestation.

PAMELAJAMELA: Wish you were going there, too, We could rustle up some fun.

M@: Donations? Funny you should mention donations. I've not received yours yet !

Mike Golch

Swampy, I had one of infernal machines on top of my moble home that my first wife and lived in. it sucked. but we could not affood to that a real a/c unit.Needless to say we were not able to keep paying for it when I got the fluid on the heart and spen a month and a half in the hospital,I was not allowed to go back to work after I was finally out of the hospital, and we ended up declaring bankruptcy.
any way all well that ended well. When I finally moved back home to OHIO after my divorce I meet the love of my life.My Celestine who is haveing a birthday to day!


Can I have a cute guy lick the back of my hand and blow on it?


Interesting. I don't have advertising because quite frankly it pisses me off! Blogs that are full of advertising seem to take forever to load up and I generally will pass them over because I cant be bothered waiting and Im not interested in them anyway. (I know, I used to post on one such blog. Feel guilty for not going there enough but it is so slow) I don't mind linking to good causes (that I believe in) or non profit stuff etc. But I think if there are too many it becomes a bore.


MIKE: I'm so sorry for all those health issues and I do hope you are having a good day. Happy Birthday to the love of your life, Celestine. Everyone should have a love of their life.

NESSA: Absolutely. Just show up at my place and I'm sure we can find you a pilot somewhere. Or, do you want a cowboy? Those are more difficult to find around these parts.

KARISMA: Amen, Sistah!


Swampy, I don't have a swamp cooler anymore, but I have preached your anodes to my former neighbors who do!!! They've promised to look into them!!!


I grew up with the swamp cooler blowing all summer long in Southern California. It hung out the window, the water overflowing and dripping to the flowerbed below where there were always dozens of frogs and snails to capture and make pets! lol Those coolers don't do a thing in humid weather! I love a/c!


I've never had to live with a swamp cooler (though I've lived near swamps), but always read with interest the JA Jance series about Joanna Brady - she lived in a house with a swamp cooler and tried to "clean it up" by dumping a bottle of Pine Sol in it. It gets mentioned several times through out the series!

Lisa's Chaos

When I was a kid we cooled our house with a "water cooler" on our front porch. I don't remember any bad smell associated with it but I remember being happy when it was gone and we got AC. :)


We had "water coolers" growing up and finally got an A/C downstairs in the living room and in my parent's bedroom. We kids always had to sleep upstairs in our unbearably hot rooms where the heat rises. We didn't even have box fans. I really don't know how we survived. We froze in the winter with only a heater upstairs in the bathroom too. Nowadays I couldn't survive like that again. I made it through though. And it gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter in Oklahoma, as you well know. Only you could come up with a "swamp" cooler and an "anode" to fix it! Hee hee.

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