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July 24, 2008


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Melissa in NZ

It's a very pretty trail, it looks a bit Hansel-and-Gretel on the other side of those trees. Hope Swampy is leaving herself a trail of breadcrumbs. Oh wait, she's the witch, isn't she?

Nekked Lizard Lady

My, what big trees you have along your trail.... I miss big trees.

Mike Golch

nice photo.

Cindy Z

Love the trail picture!


If I was Swampy, I just might want to get lost out there where it is so beautiful and peaceful.

Do you have an update on Bill?


Walking down this trail seems MUCH safer than that trail she was seen mountain biking down last summer!!!!!


and a purdy trail it is


Looks like a good trail to be lost on! Very pretty!


Happy Trails! Sorry, I'm feeling goofy this morning.


Take a left by the big Oak tree, cross the log over the creek, and make a right at the fork in the road.....

Do I need to print these directions out for ya? ;)


If not you can always come visit me.


I wonder what's lurking in those trees... ;)


is it just me, or does that trail look furry?


Wandering the Wilderness
A witch was seen last night
Creeping slowly through the trees
She gave the birds a fright!

She waved her wand of salty mist
It hit them on the tail!
She picked them up, just one by one
And knew she could not fail!

She'd make herself, a grand witch pie!
And with her friends she'd share!
A feast for all, would soon be had!
By those who ventured there!

Karisma, through her crystal ball
Saw what had come to pass!
She also waved her magic wand
And sent some faeries fast!

They sprinkled round their magic dust!
And set the poor birds free!
The Swampwith cackled, turned and ran
You'll never capture Me!


I have not a clue but I can't wait to find out.


What can I say! Robin failed to give me a picture this week and as soon as I saw this one I felt the need to write! So I did! I could have went on and on but you know I realised I was in the comments! LOL! Glad you liked it!

Melissa in NZ

Ha ha ha, excellent verse, Karisma-of-Oz! It is a very inspiring picture hindeedy.


Karisma, Your wonderful verse has left me utterly speechless.
Swampy, I hope you enjoyed your lovely walk.

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