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July 31, 2008


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What a lovely thank you note. Your mama would be proud!

Melissa in NZ

Hee hee, that poor chocolate never stood a chance ...
I am so glad you enjoyed your little prezzie, and I am SO looking forward to your visit here! Someday! :-D


That scarf is cute, cute, cute. What a great idea!


Karisma's jaw is actually hitting the floor! THEY MAKE KIWI FRUIT CHOCOLATE!!!!OMG! Swampy was it heavenly? Please tell the truth! I used to love Kiwi Fruit Candy which could only be purchased in NZ. Everytime someone went that way when I was a kid they had strict orders to bring me some! Its been about 30 years but I still remember the divine taste! Hmmmmmm!

And the KNITTED scarf is divine! Melissa is getting very clever with her new knitting skills!


SANDY: Writing thank you notes was very important to my mom and she passed that philosophy on to me...and me on to my girls. I'm appalled that people don't write them anymore, especially when it would be nice just to let the giver know that the gift was recieved. I mean, I wouldn't mind hearing, "Thank you for that ugly figurine you sent for our wedding. It arrived just in time for us to use it as a target for shooting practice."

You know?

MEL: I placed the scarf around my little "survivor" angel on my vanity. Wish I'd thought to take that picture to show you. And yes, there is no doubt, when we return to NZ, we will get meet.

HULA-HOOP: I love the size of it. Right now in this 100 degree heat, I'm using it as decoration, but this winter it will be perfect to keep my wrinkled neck warm.

KARISMA: Oh, dahlin', it was heavenly. I would break off a piece and let it just melt in my mouth. Decadent ! Sometimes, I would eat it with almonds.
I feel like a KNIT-wit for not knowing that scarf was knitted.


Beautiful gifts.


How wonderful! Isn't it amazing the folks you meet via the Internet? (Or did you already know her?)

Love the scarf!


NESSA: Beautiful AND Delicious...

ALICE: No, I've never met Melissa in NZ, but if we ever go back, we'll meet.


makes me feel guilty. I didn't even say happy birthday (or did I?)

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