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June 27, 2008


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Oooer, sorry. Those sound a bit like the side effects of pregnancy!

Hope the ants march off down your cheek and into oblivion ...


Hubba hubba!!!


One of my co-workers was admitted to the hospital yesterday because her eye became swollen and closed throughout the day and her doctor had no idea why.

Don't worry, your tooth will grow back; D


Looks like someone has gotten a little Photoshop Happy!! ;-)

I hope your eyes get better... and you enjoy your weekend!


Sounds like you are pregnant durning allergy season. At least whatever you give birth to will be well pollenated!!!
Thanks for the note this morning! Will keep my eyes open tomorrow!



creeepy tooth pic!

sorry you are sick...


LOL! Very sexy look! Very witchy!


I hope your eye is getting better.


I'm on a Pete's Dragon kick today..
and you look like Shelly Winters character in those shots. ha ha ha ha ha ha

Debs Buzz

Oh no!!! Me and Thing 2 both have been having some eye issues of our own. I think ours is allergies, since we sneeze then have itchy eyes.

I hope your eye feels better soon!


Oh my, I sorry that you are experiencing all that Roseanne Roseanna-Danaitis. Even with goopey eyes and a missing tooth, the witch is beautiful.

Nekked Lizard Lady

hope you're feeling better.....

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