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May 28, 2008


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GREAT choice of a team! Go Alvin!!!

There is something about a boy's love of baseball that makes me smile!

Play Ball!

Big Gun Hans Schmoldt

Once again, you get my vote for a perfect post! Great story.---Big Gun


As always, your writing gets to the heart of a great story, how do you do it. Just a side note, the 1st JUCO tournament was held in Miami, OK. Small world.


MARGARET: It was amazing the number of 'new' friends I made with the parents of these young men. Baseball does have a way of making that happen.

BIG GUN: Thank You. I know you are one of my toughest critics, so this comment means a lot to me.

RWTP: I was aware of that. Now, for the big question: Is that My-Am-MEE or My-Am-Uh ?


Well, according to the newscasters and weatherfolks in the panhandle of Texas, if it's Oklahoma, it's My-Am-Uh. Confuses me all the time, it does.

Terrific post, Swampy. Thanks for taking the time and using the brain cells.


You mean there is a Brett besides Brett Favre?

Nanny Bear sounds awesome :)

Joy T.

I lurk...a lot...over here but lordy I had to come out and say this was a SPECTACULAR post!!!

Shauna McAlpin

Kathy I just wanted to say thanks again for all the great pictures and the great blog It means alot to my family that anyone else would take notice of my wonderful family ecspecialy our fearless leader Nanny Bear,She is some kinda special and she really enjoyed the blog also the first thing I had to do when I got home was print it off for her so she could take it along with about 10 copies of the paper with her picture in it to the friend ship center to show off to all her friends Thanks Again to you and All the people of Grand Juntion for making us all feel so welcome :)

Shauna McAlpin

Oh and by the way these days Nanny Bear favorite Football team is our Texans but she is a forever fan of the 49ers or should I say JOE MONTANA she say's He is a real looker LOL

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