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April 11, 2008


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Lana G!

BEAUTIFUL pictures to go with your wonderful haiku!


Necatrine? Peach?
I took a picture just like this two days ago of the nectarine blooming beside my neighbors green house.. mentioned in my haiku

These are absolutely breathtaking.


Swampy, well done my friend. Your photographs are beautiful--crisp and clean. They tell a story together with your words. Kinda silly, but I love the word "savor"--it's conjures a sense of lingering enjoyment and it's perfect here. You also had me looking for bees that weren't there (ha!).

Thanks for playing along; you make everything you're a part of more delightful!


Karmyn R

Gorgeous photos to go with that Haiku!


Oh! I'm so ready for spring. We're about a month away from things leafing out and flowering...and I can hardly wait!!! I'm so ready for some green and some flowers!!!


I like haiku. I like your haiku, too.

Melissa in NZ

Excellent poetry!! And I love that last photo with the flag, it's wonderful.

Nekked Lizard Lady

SWEEEEET... I can smell the peaches already... I'm wiping my mouth.... Oh and the poetry was sweeeeet, too!!! Have you checked in on Poot and NLM???


Apples? Those are beautiful photos.


Great, crisp, clean photos...ditto for the haikus.


Beautiful, beautiful post, Swampy. Almost makes you believe in springtime.

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