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January 24, 2008


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Nekked Lizard Lady

They are truly an amazing generation. Thank you! for taking the time to tell his story. I'm sure he will not forget you, and may we never forget him.


Incredible post Swampy! You should write a book...Travels with Swampy. You meet the most interesting people. Thank you for taking the time to introduce us to him. I was just mesmerized! I wish I could have been there with you! What a morning! Makes me want to go out on the road tomorrow just to meet the people!


Great story! He is truly a member of the Greatest Generation. Where would we be without these fabulous people?

I hope you go fishing with him!




I am thankful for the gift that God gave you and that you are smart enough to use. What a wonderful storyteller you are, Swampy, with words and with photos. Sometimes, you need both.

Thank you.


Wow Swampy, you brought tears to my eyes and have put everything into perspective. I love Bill and want to meet him!!! This is an awesome post..the best I have ever read!! Thank you so much!

Cindy Z

What a wonderful story! Great pictures too, you really captured him!


Wow Swampy! That sounded like something that should be on a documentary for tv. Good stuff!


Beautiful story! You know how I love stuff like this.

I hope you do go back and go fishing with him.
But, take Hansman. ha ha.


What a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

People do not ask the elderly about their lives enough. We forget that they were young once and living during a different time and have fantastic adventures to tell.


Great post Swampy! This story gave me lots of things to think about.

First: I thought you were in the middle east somewhere until I started to READ the words.

Then I was amazed by his ring. Very cool.

Then I was blown away by his story. WOW

Then the story about his dog put me in mind of an email I received not long ago. A picture of a dog in this very predicament.

Now Im exhausted, too much thinking.



Great story. OH, how I wish I had listened more to my grandpa's WWII stories before he died.


What an amazing life. That was so interesting to read and I'm sure he enjoyed recalling everything~he has a wonderful sense of humour and your tribute is perfect.


He's single? Did you give him my number? I think I can handle cooking beer for breakfast.


That was a wonderful story. Thank you, sincerely, for sharing it.

Simply Jenn

You Swampy are the awesomest of the awesome. What a great story you told and I love your inhibition that allows you to learn great stories. You rock, sister, you rock!


Wow, what an awesome post. I couldn't stop reading and it really touches a cord. So often we don't listen to the heros who broke the ground before us. They have so much to teach us of our past. Thank you for sharing such an awesome story of Bill.


I echo the book idea. You're already traveling so why not share the people you meet? I think you'd do a great job. Thanks for talking with strangers and bringing them to our attention.


What a wonderful story!

Thanks for your comment.


Swampy, you have me in tears thinking about my old neighbor, John. He was a WWII vet, got shot up at Omaha Beach, sewn back up and sent back for a second tour. He was a wonderful man and I dearly miss him and his wife, Dotty. He actually wrote a book about his tours, but it probably couldn't ever be published b/c of the language and lack of "cultural tack." lol! I love it though, gives me good memories of him.

What a great trip that turned out to be!!! You better go back and fish with him -- that's when the really good stories come out!!!!

Wicked Witch

You're best post yet! Love WW

Melissa in NZ

What a precious person! And what a priviledge for you to have met him.


what a wonderful gentleman so full of character, top post Swampy x


Beautifully written Swampy. Truly beautiful.


What a terrific story. Aren't you glad you had the courage to take a seat and become his friend? Wow, the whole encounter just came alive before my eyes. I'm glad he gave you the okay to post about him and his life. It's really beautiful. Definitely reason to give thanks.


Okay, I left this comment and it didn't show up, then I found it on your previous post. Geez Louise!

I had to ask a question before I read the rest of your post...Were you at The Fort? If so, I love that place. Now I am off to finish reading your post.


Now I have read probably the best post I have read in ages! I hope you do go fishing with him, and I hope you catch Scarface so you can have the camera ready to catch the excitement on his face.

I wish I were brave enough to just walk up and talk to someone like that. Thank you for doing that, and then sharing it with us.


What an awesome story!! Sometimes if a person takes the time to talk to some of these "old timers" you will learn something that you just don't appreciate because they tell of a time when things were different. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks so much for sharing this experience with us!! Just think how different your life would have been had you not asked if you could sit and chat? A wonderful hero. Now....were you in Taos?


What a fabulous post! Thank you for sharing him with us.


That was awesome. You know you totally made his day, right?

tiger lamb girl

Very nice post, Swampy!!


Splendid post. And those first two photos should be blown up and hung on a wall.


Ha ha ha! I just realised that it must have taken you ages to get all those letters in the right order!!


I have tagged you. Come visit my blog to find the details.


Wow, amazing story..and amazing pictures. You're very talented. Sorry about my background color and text. I'm in the process of trying to change it, but apparently "SAVE" doesn't really mean "SAVE"!!! Hmmm...I'll figure it out.


Wow. What an amazing guy. Thanks for sharing him with us all.

Joy T.

Wow what a great post! This should go in a magazine somewhere for everyone to read. I hope you DO go back and meet Bill again and tell him how many fans he now has because of your beautifully written post. If you do, make sure and say from a 'young' lady from Canada for me :o)


I am so happy that you took the time to visit with this man - and to share his incredible story.

There are so many people like him out there, who pass us by each and every day - or sit at a table (or bar) not far away in a restaurant or tavern.

Well done, Swampy.


Wow Mom!! This one really touched me!! You have some amazing pics of him!! I hope you get to go back and fish with him!!

Donna W

Amazing pictures and story of an amazing man. Thanks!

Lisa's Chaos

Definitely a perfect post!!

Karmyn R

How did I miss this story the first time around? Wow - what a great post. Now I see why my mom nominated it for Perfect.

My FIL just turned 88 and he has similar stories. We've started recording him, but we need to hear more.


Wow!! My mom sent me here, and I am glad she did. These are my FAVORITE kinds of stories! I would have liked to listen to him myself. Thanks for sharing!

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