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January 18, 2008


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Thank-you for not giving us a shot of that!


I second that! Oh, and I have dryer envy. Great job, Swampy!


Yes, I THIRD that!

And, dear, you're absolutely mah-velous when inspired! And funny...did I mention funny?

SPECTACULAR rendition of terza rima...Dante would be proud ;).

Melissa in NZ

I believe you Swampy. Ewww. Of course, I deal with those on a daily basis.

Worst thing I ever did was accidentally lose a full nappy / diaper in the laundry basket. So it got washed with all the clothes. Which then needed rewashing and rewashing.

Silly, silly me ...

Susan in va

BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Thank you for NOT posting a picture - WE BELIEVE! WE BELIEVE!

Oh, I'm soooooo glad the diaper days are over....

P.S. BOO!!


pacis and poop. always a winning combination!


MIN: You're more than welcome.

SANDY: Bring a load over. We can have a glass of whine while it dries. I love my dryer.

ROBIN: Thanks. Problem is, I'm not inspired very often. Don't be cruising around too much in your new vehicle.

MELISSAinNZ: Silly you, I should say. Love hearing those called nappies. I'm going to start using that term and taking more nappies in the afternoon.

SUSANinVA: Oh my! Where have you been, galfriend. Boo at you, too. Thanks for the visit. I'll be over as soon as I dig my way out of the nappies.

JANET: Pacis and Poop...the reason I'm not on my broom visiting y'all these days.


Seeing a pacifier really took me back! My oldest two always had them... I still find one now and then, LOL.

I liked your Terza rima. (That sounds very odd.)


wonderful, wonderful.

I love to visit your blog!

Karmyn R

Hee hee! Loved it! And with the extra plus of having photos to go with it!


Dinner and a movie. Pacifier and a pooie. Can't have one without the other.

Melissa in NZ

SWAMPY!!! You are a naughty, lovely Swampwitch!! Does Ree know her calendars are garage items in your house??????

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Please pop over to see yourself properly thanked!!!!


did you say terdz a reema???


ha ha hope computers never learn to transmit smells!!


Oh Swampy, I love you! You are so funny! And by the way, I would not wishing for any of those Nappies in the afternoon. I can assure you they are just as bad as diapers. No difference there.

Stick to the wine time. Much more fun!

Keep smiling :-)


Oh Pamela, that was so bad.

Thank goodness there is no smell-a-vision.


This was lots of fun. Good job on the poetry.

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