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December 19, 2007


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At least you didn't show us the final Final product if you know what I mean.

The kids are adorable!


That looked like a whole lot of fun.

Kids are adorable and the last one has the right idea, let's eat em!


Absolutely off the cute meter! I myself used the beat 'em with your fist method the other day with sugar cookies!


run run you can't catdhjfgdhjgh mmmmmmm


ooh, we play "chew and show" at our house too! ;-)

cute. and yummy.

Karmyn R

Very cute -

BUT HEY! That baby is chewing on the Pam. ha ha - everyone is busy making cookies and the baby is getting into stuff. So typical! hee hee


sooo cute!! I loved making cookies with the kids when they were younger!!


Don't you mean Gingerbread Persons?


Oh What a clever boy! Now did you leave some for me?

Debs in Flakey Patch

TY for the card. :D


Looks like the kiddo had a good time!


Great pictures, Swampy. My nephew went over to my mother's house last weekend, and they spent the day making gingerbread men too.

He loved it.

After she showed him how to "help" with certain things, he apparently was an expert and started "teaching" his grandfather.


Great photo story! I think my favorite is how you knowingly or unknowingly captured the lil one sucking on the can of Pam cooking spray!!! That is just a classic photo!!

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