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December 31, 2007


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Hey Swampy, its good to see that you stayed true to your code of "not followin' the rules"
that was hilarious (it was meant to be funny wasn't it?) my slipper size should just about match your Butt size BTW.


He,he Swampy. Your slippers are cute and festive.


Hey I got lots of those thingys that I have no use for TG! I'll mail them to you.


Why use tape to connect when they come already self adheasived? (and yes, that is a word thankyouverymuch!)

Nekked Lizard Lady

I TELL YOU WHAT!...: I don't know what the heck kind of family I married into! I know what I'm getting you for Christmas next year...

Robin (the pensieve one)

This is strangely similar to the FM I'll be posting shortly...


you're "nested" in my first 50 items of my "100 Things" list...:)


I love it.. do you think this would be a good craft for my Girl Scout Troop?? I think it would be age appropriate since they are 12/13 year olds!!


You are a strange lady....

Lisa's Chaos

Oh I would love a pair of those! Maybe they would keep my feet dry while walking through snow. They should absorb the melting snow, right? But leave my skin dry. :)

Maybe I'll just make them for my daughter instead. ;)


Once again, hysterical! I think red tassles might be nice. But I'm NOT giving you my shoe size!


Aww Swampy! How sweet of you! But you know its rather hot down here at the moment, I think I will stick to my bare feet!

Melissa in NZ

And I suppose they absorb all the perspiration and toe-jam too. Not that I have those things.

Lordy this takes the biscuit, Swampy.

Actually the pads here, the sticky peel-off strip has trivia on it (I did a post on them once, here: http://richardandmelissa.blogspot.com/2007/02/this-ones-for-ladies.html )

So I'm thinking you could incorporate a bit of eddication at the same time, yes??

Melissa in NZ

Oh see, you sidetracked me totally - I came here to wish you all a happy new year! It's after midnight here and it's 1 January 2008!

Hope you have a brilliant year!

Hootin' Anni

OMG........these ARE funny. And when you're done with them....don't forget to wrap them up and DON'T FLUSH THEM DOWN THE DRAIN!!!!

- - -
Did you know why the Nativity Scene cannot be displayed in D.C.? Because no one can find 3 wise men OR a virgin!!!!

Mine's posted! Come laugh with me today!!!


You are hilarious. Great post if there were prizes you'd be a winner. Happy New Year and keep breaking the rules!!

kitten (Katie)

That's a Good One!
Happy New Year!


That seemed like a joke to me! You know when you wrap the top ones across the foot, the edges look sort of like lace. Fancy! :D


What a hoot! Can you come to our annual girls weekend at the cabin and bring your great crafty ideas with you? I wonder who first thought of that?



I would never have imagined someone could come up with that.


Wow. You are quite . . . creative. Not leaving my shoe size, though. ;)


Those are perfect. Maybe if I made those for my kids school craft fair, the organizers would stop asking me to participate! Its worth a shot!


and Swampy will be found at the Costco or Sam's Club or whatever y'all have buying the supplies! I would love the see the checkout person...tee hee hee.


Those are hilarious!! Very creative. :)

rotten correspondent

Those are so funny! You could even wear them out to the grocery store.

Happy New Year to you!


I got an emailed pair of those too and posted just the picture of them in a past post. So Funny! Oh and I forgot on your newest post...



I'll have to go shopping. Don't have the fixins for those anymore!!

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