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November 16, 2007


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OMG! How horrible!

Here's wishing you some relief from your skunking!

And thanks again for the party - it's been great fun!

Debs in Pumpkin Patch

You poor thing. I hope you can hold your breath for a long time.


Oh my gracious. Skunk craziness. I'm so sorry! I'm guessing Febreeze won't take care of this...


Poor Bubba! He thought he was doing good bringing you a present! Idle curiosity - does homeowner's insurance cover this? and exactly what did you say to your agent?


ooh, no. sorry to hear that!! I just got mine up a few minutes ago

Karmyn R

eck - sounds like you need the new house - or at least a vacation.


I love this idea! The cyber gifts...not the dead skunk dragging.

The Pear Lady

"ugh!" about the skunk...but it sure makes for good blogging fodder. LOL
Speaking of fodder, my gifts for you and the other ladies are up (finally). Rushed in and published as quick as my fingers let me tap. ;)


Yikes! Is Bubba still alive?

I finally posted my gifts!


Okay, great. cause i"m not too good w/ deadlines either.

her indoors

now thats an excuse i can't use to get new carpets!


Oh no!!! Do you like you new carpet?

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