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November 13, 2007


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I want to play but I need lots and lots and lots of minders.


Yes in fact I do have a question for you: What color was your sweater?

(Count me in for Nov. 16th. Just need to be reminded......)


NESSA: You will receive many, many minders, I Promise.

NIKKI: The sweater was red and there was a chenille Snoopy on the front. He was carrying skis and it said, "Think Snow." My jeans were faded denim with a hole just beginning in the knee. Socks were white but didn't show because I had on boots.
And, I will remind you about the party.


I'll try to help with the housewarming, but I'll have to bribe my way onto the site (not my day to post). You didn't really get to the good part of the HansMan story.


Your friends have done wonders with those homes. Well done!!!!

And that's a great story, by the way. I knew yours would be the best.


What a great idea for a party, Swampy! and aren't you glad you went?

her indoors

love the new house's.
glad you finished the telling of the meeting, you did right in turning out so late at night.

Karmyn R

What a cool way to meet the Hansman!!! That was some major "fixing-up" by your friend and his mom!!!

Count me in on the party. I have JUST the perfect thing.


Great idea for the party! I'm in!

What a fun way to actually meet somebody and have it work out. There are plenty of times those sort of things don't work out. I have a feeling the next part of the story gets a bit more interesting.


MIN: I'll have to find "The Rest of the Story." You can schedule your little "house warming" any day that you wish. I'll take care of announcing that to everyone...yes I will!

RWA: Aw-w-w-w! You make me blush. Thanks. You should hear the story WITH the details.

SANDY: Yes, I am so glad that I went. I hit the jackpot in more ways than one. Will post that picture as soon as I find it.

HER INDOORS: Well, not much was going on at my place, so I decided to live on the edge and head out the door.

KARMYNR: His mom is just as bubbly now as she was then. When I grow up, I want to be like my mother-in-law.

BECKIE: Oh, you are so correct. I might just bore everyone to tears and finish it someday...with pics.


I was all for staying nice and warm, right up until they said Lobster. I would have been out the door in a flash. Yum.

Count me in for the party! I'm always up for a party! Is there going to be a jumping castle? Im getting quite good at them now.


I just have to say the difference in the homes in those two pictures are just awesome. It's incredible actually and I find it very inspiring.


SWAMPY!! You are a MAJOR SWEETHEART!!! And ironically, you have no idea how much those "before" photos resemble the house I'm living in now...not really, but this 104-year old Victorian is a shanty compared to the new digs.

You are AWESOME! And I just wanna know how drunk you got that night!


Me likey housewarmings...sign me up.

And this post? One of my absolute favorite's of yours!

OOooo, and in the first part where you referred to "Mr. Sandman", I read that as "Mr. Hansman" and I was totally confused. Oh, mercy, I'm picking up your lysdexia!



Awww! I wuv you! You are the best! I too, have been having internet issues. I am doing good to get this posted. (Keeping my fingers crossed that this actually posts this time.)

Now can I be a part of the party to give something to Tiff? If so, count me in.


will you remind me about the nov 16 party.
I know I'll forget to show up


I'm glad I got to read the rest of your monday's post.

That sounds like a great party you planning.


YES! I want to give Julie something, too! Sign me up!


hmmm... sign me up for the party. i'll have to give this some thought, though. sometimes i'm a little gift-impaired.


Sign me up for the house-warming. Thank you.

Joy T.

LOVE the rest of your story!! And sign me up for the house warming too please. What a fantastic idea and lots of time to think of something.

Simply Jenn

Count me in! It sounds like fun.


*perks up and stumbles into blog*
Did someone say the word 'party'???? If you've room for a[nother] wiseacre, I'm there. >:-D

Debs in her pumkin' patch

I want to be part of the Shin-dig. :D

This will be fun. :D


I will be part of it. Do reminders on Monday's at the end of Fun Monday, so I don't forget, because that would make me crazy, and I so don't want that at my age with so much yet to do that I couldn't do in a straight jacket, or even locked in a pink rubber room. Thanks for taking this into consideration.


Oh, and I love how you wrote your fun Mondy to put one image in our heads only to have a completely different twist to it. Very clever.

Ang in TX

Oh I want to participate!!! This will be a great deal of fun!


ooh, swampy can I come to the party?? that sounds like fun!


NIKKI: My sweater was red with a chenille Snoopy carrying skis, saying "Think Snow." I still have that sweater.

Ang in TX

Thank you for popping in and reminding me... I kinda forgot but I kinda lately forget everything.

Lisa's Chaos

Ok, sign me up, I had "gift bringing block" there for a while but I think I can do this now. :)


I wanna bring warming gifts! ! ! I have missed soooo much! ! !

Melissa in NZ

Hi Swampy
Please don't forget to take my name off the list :-( I am on DIALUP this weekend and it's not playing nice with Blogger. Or anything else for that matter. I'm sorry!!


Hey, Is the party still on?...Or is this one of those things where the invitation says 'dress like a pirate' and then no one does? (except me)

Anyway, I brought gifts. They are at http://blogs.chron.com/mamadrama/archives/2007/11/happy_housewarm.html

Can I start drinking now?


Okay, I'm game.

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