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October 29, 2007


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Robin of mytwoblessings

Great post. I have to start remembering my camera, too.

have a fun monday



Love the pillow! Have a great rest of your Monday.


Now THAT is a serious camera lens!!!!

Debs in her pumkin' patch

Very cool!!


Wow now I see why you take such good photos. That little pillow is so cute. I don't have a laptop but I can see how useful it would be when travelling.


I have lens envy!
My mom wont travel without a pillow shaped like that...yours is prettier! I've been missing you!!


Doggone it! Kaytabug stole my line. Doesn't pay to be late.


Dude. I want that camera.

Anglophile Football Fanatic

You are the first one I've seen with the computer. With my luck, I'd have it stolen if I took it with me.

Simply Jenn

I just all Swampy readers to know she did NOT have that camera when I met with her today. She did have the computer though, and neither of us could figure out why it won't let her get to other people's sites. She'll be back.


I have one of those travel pillows. If I fly it is a must!

WHOA... look at your lens


Great post, i was that way with my laptop but my new job prohibits it in a secured area so it must stay home. i think we both will be getting anti anxiety meds soon...lol

Robin (the pensieve one)

Yep, lens envy. My sister told me when I got a "real" camera, I'd have it...yours is the second I've envied today. Good thing I love ya!

Happy trails, Swampalicious!


I used to have a Canon SLR with a lens like that, in fact I still do, but now I've downsized.


Whoa nelly that is quite the lens! Love the pillow it is al shiny and blingy!

And I feel totally honored that you followed directions! ;-)


oh my word... what does that make me... sad?
No laptop, no superduper camera, no pillow.
I obviously travel light ;)

Karmyn R

That pillow is perfect when flying around. Neck strain is the worst.


Nice toys you carry around with you. That is one big lens on that camera. But if you need it...you have to take it with you.


You do have a wonderful camera. I enjoy having my laptop when I travel.


and they say size doesn't matter!!

lens envy indeed!


Nice camera, laptop, and pillow. Could also use that pillow to sit on if you were hemorrhoidal? Just kidding...

Lisa's Chaos

Those ARE must haves! My laptop goes too if I'm going for any length of time as you can always spoof signal from a motel. :)


Holy crap, you followed Fun Monday directions for two weeks in a row!?!?!? What's wrong with you?!?!??!

(can I have your camera please?)


just wondering but do you ever stay at home and rest? relax put those feet up? you have more energy then my girls and that is quite the feat accompli LOL



can you share some with me? i desperatly need it;)


That has to be the fanciest travel pillow I've ever seen.


You really take pictures? I thought you stole them from National Geographic!

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