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October 21, 2007


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Debs in her pumkin' patch

Looks like you are all having a blast. :D

Great pics as always. :D


Amazing! I think this is the closest you've got to the assignment in months!!


I feel so bad for all the "My Little Pony's" that died so you guys could wear that hair!!!


Robin (the pensieve one)

Y'all look like you're wearing Easter eggs on your head.

Can I come and play???



DEBS: We had a blast. I am the last to leave and am hoping the fires that are so close don't close down the airport.

DubYaT: I knew you would be proud of me.

PAMELA: Oh, sweetheart, the Little Ponies didn't die, they are just bald now.

ROBIN: Of course you can come and play. You would fit right in except that you are young enough to be our daughter.

TO YA'LL: For some reason, I cannot access your blogs. AOL is playing games and I just can't get to you. Once I arrive home, I'll load up and be on the road to Oklahoma where they use tin cans and wire for Internet. It may be weeks before I am back to visiting. Until then, keep on smilin'...it makes people wonder what you've been up to.

Lisa's Chaos

I think i saw a shirt there, did I see a shirt there? Wow! I LOVE all the colorful hair too!

Karmyn R

Drag Queens Go Maui.

Sorry - I just had to say it. It was the wigs you know. You are all too beautiful to even be IMPLIED in that. giggle....love you!!!!!


I'll bet I'm having twice as much fun sitting here at home alone with my cat and my computer as you are.
Could you come get me? I'll babysit Robin.


LOL, Swampy, you have too much fun!


That hair...you all are crazy!

Go Rockies!


LOVE the hair!! In the first few pics, I thought you guys might be rehearsing for "Calendar Girls"!!


I love the hair! Im with Robin, I want to play too. And Im sure I would fit in quite well too! I think I have more wrinkles than the lot of you put together.

Hootin' Anni

Ya baby - CR!!!! Go Rockies!!!

PS---looks like loads of fun there!!!


Wow, more fun with the Babes for our Fun Monday, you always present the most fun, Swampy...thanks.

Hootin' Anni

NERD ALERT! NERD ALERT!! I can't seem to type a correct link to MY OWN BLOG today.

her indoors

i want to play, you have the best fun! and a fun monday that you did what everyone else did too wow!


I'm impressed Swampy, playing by the rules the week you're excused!

Looks like you all had a blast.


My daughter mohawked her "little ponies" when she was small (her sister told her their hair would grow back). She will be glad to know what happened to their "locks of love". Great job!


I cannot believe you actually followed directions?!?!??! Are you sick? Do you have a fever? I think you need to go lie down for a bit.

(The wigs are awesome!)


Britney would be proud!
I hope I have good friends like that always.


OMG - the sixties have returned. I think I'm having a flashback.

Blue Momma

That really was a fun Fun Monday! Love the wigs. Makes me want to go out and buy some for me and the Punkin to wear on this gloomy, rainy day. Thanks for the smile this morning!


Nice Rockies jersey!!!!!

People can say what they want about the television ratings and whatever else, I think it's great that Colorado is in the World Series.


Box-o-wine will give you the giggles every time and change your hair neon.

Sally Lomax

I love those!!!

Jenni in KS

That is *so* your color!


I think it is wonderful that you still get together with your girlfriends from high school. Good ole Oklahoma. Great pictures and memories. I wish I could do something so fun.

Anglophile Football Fanatic

Wow. That was priceless. And, congrats to the Rockies. You followed the rules?! I love watching how you tweak everything.

Robin of mytwoblessings

ya'll are adorable!!!!! It looks like you all had a good time here in my current home state.
You would have blended in well.

Robin of mytwoblessings


Looks like you are all having a blast! I wish I had a group to travel with such as yours!

Joy T.

How fun to be able to travel with a bunch of friends. You look like you're having a fantastic time!! Love the wigs.


HEY BLOG BUDS: Wish I had the time to respond back to each of you, but I'm sitting in the Phoenix airport and must go board the plane.
I was able to visit a few of you today, but time has run out and I'm off again.


How fun, I love that your hair art is all a little different in colour. It makes for great photos. Wonderful post.


That looks like SO much fun! You have the most colorful post of the day....of course! GO ROCKIES!


Brilliant post. Such fun a bevy of beauties.You managed a t-shirt and a cap so no argument there!!


You all look so maaahhhvoulous dahlings!

Now get rid of that shirt...we can't have you playing by the rules!


Don't know if DubyaT is impressed but everyone else is!!!!

Caption the photo;
It's obviously, "A six pack to go"


oooh, the hair! it's making my eyeballs bleed (in neon colors, of course). nice pix, swampy!


Cool! I always love your post no matter what!!!


What FUN pictures!!

The one on the stairs would have to be: Assorted Nuts!

You gals obviously lit California on fire!


Looks like your having fun! Love the wigs.


you ladies look great...and the shirt is nice too!

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