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October 18, 2007


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Melissa in NZ

Gosh Swampy - those trees are just beautiful. I love trees, and you've just captured them perfectly!
As for the milk duds .... snort ...

Lisa's Chaos

Those first two makes me dizzy - in a good way. :) I love Aspens! Great photos! - oh there's something about an award and you on my blog. :)

Sally Lomax

What fantastic photography!

Simply Jenn

Those are really beautiful trees Swampy! There are no Aspens in OK, but I know you know that. So when are we hooking up, my dear? You're making me antsy.


You made me dizzy again. Great pictures.


Are you trying to tell me that Colorado aspens are better than Texas aspens?
Actually, I don't think we have aspens...


Great pictures. I think I will pass on the Colorado Milk Duds, but thanks anyways!

Debs in her pumkin' patch

I LOVE trees. I get all relaxed just looking at them. Awesome pictures. :D


Oh MY! I told you already how much I LOVE Aspens... these photos are breathtaking...all except the Milk Duds!


Gorgeous pictures. I do not think those Milk Duds are filled with caramel, though!

Cindy Z

The pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


I didn't know they grow espresso beans in Colorado!


You go to the most beautiful places and take the best pictures. As you sure you aren't a professional photographer?

Oh ... you can keep the Colorado Milk Duds.


Great photos, love the milk duds, but don't want any, just thought the photo and title were funny.


You have taken some amazing photos (including the milk duds LOL)


The first two photos freaked me out.

But I like #4.

#5 is really cool, but after looking at it a couple times, that one also freaked me out. They're coming to get me!

The last one looks like chocolate chips.

Ang in TX

I want to come live with you! That is beautiful! What animal laid the milk duds? Deer?


I was enjoying those lovely trees and even almost smelling them. Till you threw in the duds. Tut Tut


trees are sensational.

the turds are an added bonus.
Just the other day the hubby and I were wondering what kind of people took pictures of scat. Now we know!


Hey BlogBuds...by now you know I'm in California and don't have much time for visiting. Thank you AGAIN for being so loyal and continuing to stop by The Asylum.
The animal that laid the Milk Duds was an elk.


Beautiful trees - the last picture, blech.


hi swampy...what great pics...the first two almost make me dizzy...haha...how fun!! weeeeee


Wow, those are great pics. Aspen trees are beautiful. We were in Colorado in the spring.

Little Miss Moi

Dear swampy. Lovely photos, I love the yellow leaves on the trees. I might leave the milk duds though!

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