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September 01, 2007


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Well gosh swampy, you didn't say those guys would be on the menu! lol

Simply Jenn

Can I just say that I LOVE men in uniform? They don't even have to be bald. You are one lucky woman! Did your daughter marry a military man? (I know you've probably said it before, I just didn't see or comprehend it).


JANET: I just didn't know how to list them on the menu. Any ideas? How did you like that thunder boomer I sent your way yesterday?

SIMPLY JENN: No, my new son-in-law isn't military...just bald. And, I will let you know when the post goes up that you inspired me to create.


Wow, well timing is everything isn't it. How about Hero Sandwiches, Triple beef with sweet relish in the middle.


C-O-R... cute or what?
I know I know
I'm shallow ;)


Always so many delicious dishes at your place.
I should send you a picture of my guys: Marty the Plumber, Armando the curb painter and "Hi Cotton"(the homeless guy who rifles through my trash).
I'm guessing that I live on 'the wrong side' of the tarmacs.

Karmyn R

That's what I call a Manly meal.


Holy crap are you a hottie!!! And the pictures of men in uniform? You just made my day.


Three little beauties and I'm not talking about the planes !!!


Mmmm that pizza looks good.


Hubba Hubba!!! Dinner at your place looks yummy!


Lucky lucky you. Dinner at your place seems infinitely better than at mine....


RWtP: Sorry they were 2 hours late landing. Awesome approach.

ANN: Don't think you are shallow at all. Acronyms is their vocabulary and you just added another one to it.

MIN: I think I've seen your guys. Just put uniforms on them.

CHRISB: Cuties. Another appropriate description.

DubYaT: You never cease to amaze me. My day isn't complete without your comments.

SUSAN: Hubba Hubba...boom chicka bow wow.

MARGARET: Yummy desserts.

KARMYNR: Manly Meal. M squared. Yup.

NIK: Yeah. I'm a hottie. Only because of my hot flashes that I choose to call Power Surges.


How fun and looks like great company! The pizza really does look good.




Oh, that all looks good! And the pizza looks delicious.


I think you could get just about anyone to come to that dinner!!! Why does the one in the middle look familiar????

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